Andrea Godfrey Flynn

Andrea Godfrey Flynn
Phone: (619) 260-2377
Office: Olin Hall 213

Associate Professor of Marketing

  • PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Marketing
  • MBA, Babson College, Marketing
  • BE, McGill University, Civil Engineering

Andrea Godfrey Flynn is an associate professor of marketing in the University of San Diego School of Business, which she joined in 2012. Previously, she worked for several years in the consulting engineering industry. Her research interests involve applying empirical models of consumer purchasing behavior to guide customer management strategies in retailing and service settings. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research and the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Areas of Expertise

empirical models of consumer purchasing behavior, relationship marketing, customer satisfaction, services and retailing


  • Faculty Research Award, 2015

Selected Publications

  • Flynn, A., Salisbury, L., Seiders, K. (2017) Tell Us Again, How Satisfied Are You? The Influence of Recurring Post-Transaction Surveys on Purchase Behavior, Journal of Service Research, 20(3), 292-305.
  • Seiders, K., Flynn, A., Berry, L., Haws, K. (2015) Motivating Customers to Adhere to Expert Advice in Professional Services: A Medical Service Context, Journal of Service Research, 18(1), 39-58.
  • Berry, L., Flynn, A., Seiders, K., Haws, K., Quach, S. (2014) Physician Counseling of Overweight Patients About Preventive Health Behaviors, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 46(February), 297-302.
  • Flynn, A., Seiders, K., Voss, G. (2012) When is Enough Enough? Balancing on the Fine Line in Multichannel Marketing Communications, GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 4(2), 8-15.
  • Flynn, A., Seiders, K., Voss, G. (2011) Enough is Enough! The Fine Line in Executing Multichannel Relational Communication, Journal of Marketing, 75(July), 94-109.