​Marketing Major

​Strike a chord in hearts everywhere.

Ever notice how some brands just speak to you? In our marketing major, you'll see how strategy, market research and consumer behavior combine to make compelling campaigns. Whether you're interested in pitching advertising concepts, conducting market research or diving into digital marketing, we'll help you prepare for an exciting marketing career.

To get you thinking like a marketer, you'll get real-world experience both in and out of the classroom. In Digital Marketing and Social Media, you'll run advertising campaigns for real clients in San Diego using Google analytical tools. You'll learn which ads work and make recommendations just like a real marketing consultant.

With globalization on the rise, you'll also learn how to deliver culturally relevant marketing messages. In our Consumer Behavior class, you'll take field notes, conduct interviews and code data to see how marketing concepts might work in other countries. Got your passport? You're welcome to take this class—and many others—overseas.

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The energizing educator. Carlton O’Neal, clinical professor of marketing
“The most powerful thing I can do is light the spark.”

One major. Multiple marketing tracks.


Study how to use ‘big data’ to understand patterns and trends


Learn how to develop consumer relationships and channel partners.

Product management

Master the life cycle of a product: strategy planning, forecasting and execution.

Advertising and digital marketing

Discover the art of persuading consumers to take action through communication.
Marketing students working From Alcala Ave to Madison Avenue. After graduating, our marketing majors find exciting careers in advertising, digital marketing, public relations and sales. You’ll see them working in a variety of positions, including account executives, brand managers, SEO analysts, sales consultants and more.
Student presenting material to classmates Let’s master that mic drop. Marketing careers come with quite a bit of presenting, from marketing strategy down to creative concepts. We’ll help you strengthen your written and oral communication skills so that your great ideas can cut through the noise—and put Don Draper to shame.