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From the moment you declare your major, you'll have an academic advisor here to help guide you and discuss your progress. We know how helpful a familiar face is, so you get to keep the same advisor your entire time at the School of Business—all the way until graduation.

With so many course choices within your major, we'll help you navigate through all your options to find the best ones that match your unique goals. We know you're ready to tackle the world, so we'll also provide on-track guidance to make sure you graduate on time.

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Students are only permitted to declare their major by scheduling a 20 minute appointment with an academic advisor. This ensures that you and your advisor will have adequate time to review your specific degree requirements. Click on the yellow button below to schedule an appointment.

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All done with the first 90 units?

Hey seniors—just a couple things before you start celebrating. First, make sure you submit your graduation petition. Then, you’ll want to complete the graduation audit and meet with your advisor.

Check your progress. (And check again.)

Curious how far you are to graduation? Or feel like basking in all your amazing accomplishments to date? You can access your academic progress anytime using our online tool Degree Works (formally DARS).

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