The School of Business provides extensive support for students who are looking to undertake internships in order to gain practical experience and build a resume. Students are strongly encouraged to have one or more internships during their course of study, regardless of whether it is done for academic or Passport Program credit.

Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate students earn three units of academic credit for working a minimum of 96 hours during a semester. The internship course is open to seniors with a business, accounting or economics major. Second semester junior majors and senior minors may request special permission to do an internship for credit.

Employers must provide students with challenging learning experiences that enhance their education and allow them to apply classroom knowledge in a professional environment. Students are evaluated by the work supervisor and complete a portfolio project. Grading is pass/fail.

Students may also complete a not-for-credit internship of their choice at any time in their schooling. Students are granted two Passport Points for each internship they complete as an enrolled Business major.

Graduate Internships

Three units of credit are awarded for a minimum of 120 hours of work during a semester. The class is open to MBA students who have completed all course prerequisites (see Graduate Bulletin for details). The work level must challenge a graduate student, enhancing their education and allowing them to apply classroom knowledge. The students are evaluated by their work supervisor, and complete a portfolio project. Grading is pass/fail.

Employers may also contact USD's Career Services office or email for additional information.