Passport Program

The purpose of the Professional Development Passport Program is to provide guidance for undergraduate students in career building skills and networking contacts to complement their education. Students will become familiar with professional development, which includes but is not limited to job searching techniques, resume building, interviewing skills, and other career opportunities.

Professional Development Passport Program Requirements

Completion of the Professional Development Passport is a requirement for the Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Arts in Economics degrees.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete the three required activities in addition to accumulating nine “flexible” passport points while a business major at USD.  Students also are responsible for obtaining and providing appropriate attendance verification for the events.  This may be through an attendance sheet or approval by the SBA Undergraduate Programs Office. 

Three Required Activities

  • Meet with Career Services
  • Attend a Networking Event
  • Complete the online USD Senior Exit Survey, which is located on your "Senior" tab in MySanDiego portal

Nine Flexible Passport Points

Flexible passport points are accumulated by attending professional-related activities. These activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend a Career Services Workshop
  • Attend a Career Fair
  • Participate in a Networking Event
  • Attend a Business Speaker/Panel (outside the classroom)
  • Complete a Not-For-Credit Internship related to your career
  • Participate in a Community Service Project
  • Attend a professional-related seminar or conference off-campus

You can attend seminars, events, and conferences held off-campus. You will need to complete the Event Approval Request Form and submit it online or to Olin Hall 141 for approval.

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Your completion of required events and accumulation of “flexible” passport points can be found in the Passport Program Blackboard class.  It may take up to two weeks for the course to reflect events and points.  The USD Senior Exit Survey may take a longer, depending on when we receive names and student identification numbers.  Forms and other information about the Passport Program also can be found here.

Statement on Academic Integrity
All members of the University community share the responsibility for maintaining an environment of academic integrity; academic dishonesty is a threat to the University. Acts of academic dishonesty include: a) unauthorized assistance on an examination; b) falsification or invention of data; c) unauthorized collaboration on an academic exercise; d) plagiarism; e) misappropriation of resource materials; f) any unauthorized access of an instructor's files or computer account; or g) any other serious violation of academic integrity as established by the instructor.