International Business Major

The world of business is now global.

Local, regional, national and international companies all interact in the global marketplace for suppliers, customers, and talent. The International Business Major distinguishes students by preparing them to conduct business within their home country as well as with, and in, other countries. They learn to approach business from a global perspective - from serving customers and managing operations in international markets to taking a local business global. Students enhance their learning with actual experience abroad and extended language studies. They also have the option of incorporating regional expertise as a part of their international business major.

The International Business Major is enriched by the Ahlers Center for International Business, which organizes an International Business Speaker Series, certificate program specific for the major (The ABCs of International Trade), designs consulting project courses abroad and also in San Diego and supports the International Business Club.

The following curriculum provides a solid foundation of specialized skills needed by international business professionals.

Current students: declare your major.

For full curriculum, class descriptions, and prerequisites, please see the most current course catalog

Bloomberg Businessweek Ranking


Bloomberg Businessweek ranks the University of San Diego #16 (out of 124 eligible schools) for International Business in their survey of the top undergraduate business programs in the country.

International Business Major

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2012-2014, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on October 1, 2014. Access the catalog of record at

Lower Division Preparation for the Majors (22-23 units)

Lower-Division Requirements for the majors are the completion of the following courses with a grade point average of 2.0 or better with no grade below C–. Transfer courses must be C or better.

ACCT 201Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACCT 202Principles of Managerial Accounting3
ECON 101Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON 102Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 216Statistics for Business and Economics4
ITMG 100Information Systems3
MATH 130Survey of Calculus3
MATH 150 Calculus I

Major in International Business (42 units)

Students majoring in international business must satisfy the USD core curriculum requirements as set forth in this catalog, Lower-Division Requirements for the major, the Professional Development Passport Program and all of the following major requirements:

Business Component
DSCI 300Prescriptive Business Analytics (3)3
DSCI 303Operations Management3
ETLW 302DBusiness and Society3
ETLW 311Business Law I3
FINA 300Financial Management3
MGMT 300Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 490Strategic Management3
MKTG 300Fundamentals of Marketing3
Foreign Language Component
A fourth semester competency in a second language (in a modern language) with a grade of C or better is required.
International Studies Component
A student must participate in an approved international university study program for a minimum of three units of coursework earned. Courses comprising the international studies component can also fulfill the course requirements in the major or outside of the major.3
International Business Component
Select three of the following courses:9
ECON 333International Economics
FINA 405International Financial Management
MGMT 309International Comparative Management
MKTG 305Global Marketing
Elective Courses
Select three additional courses from list a and b below.9
(a) Pre-approved courses within the School of Business  Administration (no limit): 
BUSN 377Negotiation in a Global Business Environment3
ECON 333International Economics3
ECON 335Economic Development of Latin America3
ECON 337Economic Development of Asia3
ETLW 313International Business Law and Ethics3
FINA 405International Financial Management3
MGMT 309International Comparative Management3
MKTG 305Global Marketing3
BUSN 498Internship3
With prior approval, BUSN 494, MGMT 494, FINA 494 or MKTG 494
(b) Pre-approved courses outside the School of Business  Administration (limit six units)

Note: Although up to two courses (six units) may be taken outside of the School of Business Administration from the following list of regional courses, both courses must be selected from the same regional area (i.e., Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe), but not from the same academic discipline (i.e., HIST, POLS, THRS, POLS, PHIL or SOCI).

HIST 368History of Africa3
HIST 369Issues in Modern Africa3
POLS 360Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa3
THRS 315Islamic Faith and Practice3
THRS 321Afro-Latin Religions3
HIST 364Topics in Asian History3
HIST 365History of China3
HIST 366History of Japan3
HIST 367Women in East Asia3
HIST 372United States-East Asia Relations3
HIST 386The Pacific Ocean in History to 18503
PHIL 476Studies in Asian Philosophy3
POLS 358Politics in South Asia3
POLS 367Politics in Japan3
POLS 368Politics in China3
THRS 312The Hindu Tradition3
THRS 314Buddhist Thought and Culture3
THRS 315Islamic Faith and Practice3
THRS 317Religions of China3
Latin America
ANTH 327South American Indian Cultures3
ANTH 328Caribbean Cultures3
HIST 360Colonial Latin America3
HIST 361Modern Latin America3
HIST 362Topics in Latin America History3
HIST 363History of Brazil3
HIST 384History of Mexico3
POLS 357Politics in Latin America3
POLS 366Politics in Mexico3
POLS 374U.S.-Latin American Relations3
THRS 321Afro-Latin Religions3
THRS 368Lantino/a Theologies3
Middle East
POLS 359Politics in the Middle East3
THRS 313Jewish Faith and Practice3
THRS 315Islamic Faith and Practice3
HIST 347Topics in Modern Europe3
HIST 350History of the British Isles3
HIST 351Modern Britain3
HIST 352The British Empire3
HIST 354Modern Spain3
HIST 355Imperial Russia3
HIST 356Soviet Union and After3
HIST 357Topics in Russian and East European History3
PHIL 472Studies in Modern European Philosophy3
POLS 355Politics in Europe3
POLS 362Politics in the United Kingdom3
POLS 363Politics in France3
POLS 364Politics in Germany3
POLS 365Politics in Russia3
  • (Effective for students declaring a major on or after May 17, 2012. For requirements prior to this date please see the USD Undergraduate 2010 – 2012 Course Catalog.)

The International Business major requires a minimum of 24 Upper-Division Units in the major be completed at USD. This requirement does not include USD faculty-led courses abroad organized through the International Center.