How do I declare my major in the School of Business?

In order to declare, please make an appointment with a School of Business advisor. During your appointment, we will review your DARS and discuss your requirements for the major and for graduation.  Please note:  we do not have appointments to declare majors during the first two weeks of each semester so we may assist with registration concerns.

When do I declare my major?

It is best to declare your SBA major during your sophomore year, before the registration period begins.  This allows plenty of time to plan out your schedule and ensure you graduate within your timeline.

I would like to study abroad. Can I still graduate on time if I do?

We encourage all SBA students to have an international experience, although it is not required unless you are an International Business major.  Studying abroad should not affect your graduation timeline so long as you are taking the proper number of classes and all of them have been approved to transfer back to USD to count toward your graduation requirements. 

We recommend students study abroad their second semester of their sophomore year.  Please contact the Study Abroad office in Sierra Hall 315 for details about specific programs and how they may meet your goals.

What do I need to complete my undergraduate degree?

USD requires a minimum of 124 completed units, 48 of which must be upper-division (300 or 400 level), have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.  Additionally, SBA students must complete their "Passport" career requirements and specific course requirements.

May I take a course over the summer at a school other than USD? If so, how do I know if it will be accepted

You may take a transferable course at a local college.  The USD residency requirement states students' last 30 units must be completed at USD.  If you wish to transfer a course to USD from another institution, prior to your senior year, it must be reviewed and approved prior to students taking the course.    Please complete and submit a Petition of Transfer Credit form for the specific course to be considered to the Advising Office. Once approved by your Advisor, the respective department chair will then review the proposed course.

May I take a class Pass/Fail?

All General Education and major courses must be taken for a grade.  Only electives and certain minor courses may be taken for Pass/Fail.

I need help finding either a job or internship. Where do I go?

Business students may talk with the SBA Career Services in OH 114, Monday-Friday from 8:30 am -5:00 pm.  You may also schedule an appointment by making an appointment with an career advisor.