Undergraduate Advising Office

The Undergraduate School of Business Administration's Academic Advisors are available to discuss your academic progress, answer questions about courses and help you plan your course sequence for an on-time graduation.  

All declared business students will be assigned an academic advisor. Students will work with the same advisor from their SBA major declaration to graduation.  

Schedule an appointment to declare your major or for on-track advising: 

schedule an appointment

All students may check their academic progress by logging into U.achieve (formally DARS). If you have questions about this, please meet with your academic advisor.

If you are having trouble understanding your DARS when registering for classes, view this tutorial on Navigating your MySanDiego Portal, Registering for classes and how to review your DARS.

NOTE: Seniors: Upon completing 90 units, regardless of your graduation date, you need to:

  • Submit a graduation petition. This is an online form found and submitted on the Senior tab of your USD portal.
  • Complete the Graduation Audit and meet with your advisor. This appointment is mandatory in order for your graduation petition to be approved.

Communication with Parents-FERPA

Your advisor cannot discuss details of your academic records, such as grades and financial issues, without your permission to anyone, including to your parents. For this reason, we ask that your parents communicate directly with you concerning academic issues.  

In order to grant permission to release information regarding student educational records to specific individuals, please submit this online FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (https://my.sandiego.edu/web/home-community/ferpa ).