The MS of Supply Chain Management faculty are not only educators, they're also lawyers, book and technical paper authors, public speakers, and practicing consultants. Their goal is to share their experience and knowledge to help MS-SCM students become more valuable, effective, responsible leaders in their field.

Below is a list of our current faculty. Download a printable PDF of our faculty profiles.

  • Craig Barkacs

    Professor of Business Law

    (619) 260-2387
    Olin Hall 318

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  • Linda Barkacs

    Associate Professor of Business Law

    (619) 260-7876
    Olin Hall 314

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    David N. Burt

    Professor Emeritus of Supply Chain Management

  • Bradley Chase

    Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

    (619) 260-7466
    Loma Hall 222

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  • Simon Croom

    Professor of Supply Chain Management

    (619) 260-2791
    Alcala West, Coronado 211

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  • Shreesh Deshpande

    Professor of Finance
    Area Chair, Finance

    (619) 260-4863
    Olin Hall 317

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  • John Hanson

    Associate Professor in Decision Science and Supply Chain Management

    (619) 260-7673
    Alcala West, Durango A

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    Ray Hummell

    Lecturer in Supply Chain Management

    (619) 260-7903
    Alcala West, Durango 100

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    Robert Judge

    MSGL Faculty

  • Charles Teplitz

    Professor of Decision Sciences

    (619) 260-4867
    Olin Hall 309

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