Employer FAQs

The following is a list of questions organizations often ask concerning the University of San Diego’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS-SCM) degree program.

Take a look at our schedule to see how few days a year students need to be away from their job and on campus.

1. Why would an organization send an employee to the MS-SCM program?

Organizations have a variety of reasons for sending employees to this program. They include:

- Management has a special project which requires dedicated time and talent to solve. This project will benefit from the latest supply chain innovations.
- Management has an employee, or a group of employees, who is key to the organization and needs further state-of-the-art thinking and education to be ready for promotion into higher level management positions.
- Management wants to establish the company as a market leader for its customers and/or competition.

2. What is the length of the program?

The MS-SCM is a Web-based, lock-step, cohort-based program which requires approximately 26 months for completion.

3. How many days will your employees be required to be on-campus (and away from their jobs)?

Students are required to attend five on-campus sessions over the course of the program, for a total of 20 days on campus.

4. What do students do during the on-campus sessions?

The on-campus sessions are designed for students to meet and work with instructors and other students. View detailed information on these sessions.

5. Is the GMAT required for admission to the program?

An undergraduate degree or equivalent is required. The GMAT is currently not required for admission to to the MS-SCM.  Learn more about admission requirements.

6. How much time should your employees expect to spend on class work?

Students tell us that they typically spend approximately 15 hours per week on class work. With the flexibility of the online format of the program, they manage their own time. Get more information regarding online delivery.

7. Do employees need to have supply chain experience?

Students who are accepted into the program must have experience in supply chain management related fields. We do require that students have a minimum of 2 years related working experience. The average is 6 years.

8. Will students be successful?

Faculty and staff do everything possible to create an environment in which students can succeed. We offer an online learning community that provides valuable study skills resources. Our program coordinator assists students with any technical issues that arise within the framework of the course delivery.