Employer Benefits

The MS-SCM is designed specifically for the working professional.

You will undoubtedly need to work hard to gain your master’s degree in Supply Chain Management; however, we not only encourage you to work hard, but more importantly, to work smart!

Our faculty team has many years of experience educating supply chain practitioners through to professional excellence, and we have put in place robust support mechanisms and developed guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Real-World Learning

We focus heavily on applied learning, which means you will be able to explore the application of principles and concepts you encounter in our courses in your workplace and beyond.

Many of the lessons about supply chain management can be applied to news stories, will build on your personal knowledge and allow you to reflect on your daily experiences.

Fits Within Your Schedule

We recommend that you adopt a "little and often" approach to studying by breaking your time into short, manageable segments of time across the week. 

We use audio lecture notes too, which you can download onto a CD, MP3 player or your cell phone to review at your convenience.

Faculty Support

Our faculty members have worked within and consulted to organizations around the world. They will not only share their experiences with you to support, enhance, and enrich your learning, but also help you with actual issues you've encountered in the workforce.