Advanced Integrative Project

Many of our students bring more value to their organizations than the tuition of the program. Below are two student projects. Or view our slideshow below.

Project 1: Organization Change – Online Travel
Project Description: Online travel reservation not well used
Major Objective: Increase usage from 10-15% and continue to reduce costs
Specific Results Achieved: Use training and incentives to increase the usage and reduce costs
Usage increased to greater than 30%
Savings documented at over $900K
Next Steps: Increase usage with an additional cost savings in excess of $1 M

Project 2: Vendor Managed Inventory
Project Description: Highly compensated research personnel were ordering and managing inventory on lab reagents.
Major Objectives: Reduce high cost of labor, improve productivity, reduce inventory, lower obsolescence
Specific Results Achieved:  Vendor managed inventory 
Labor costs reduced: $740,000
Inventory Space Reduction: $757,000
Inventory Reduction: $98,000
ROI = 1212%
Next Steps: Expand to more locations.