Demo Course

View our demo course! Enter the user name and password listed below (Please note that you will need to type in the username and password as opposed to copying and pasting.):

User Name: mscmdemo 
Password: password

You will see a “welcome” screen and a course entitled ‘MSCM-MSCM Demo Course’. Click on the title to enter the course. You will then see what a typical course home page looks like. You will see your syllabus, a place to submit your assignments, a discussion area for forum topics, mail, calendar and the course content. To view the course materials, click on the road sign. A new window will open giving you access to the learning material for the different modules in that course. You need to have audio enabled and a flash player installed to view some of the items. Please contact us at with any questions regarding the course demo. 

Sample Materials

USD employs Blackboard across campus. The online elements of the MS-SCM use this platform, which is compatible with most operating systems.

Blackboard has a very user-friendly interface and enables instructors to post a variety of multimedia such as: video clips, streamed audio, current multimedia communications, journal publications, magazine articles, newspaper columns, online links and class information.

Blackboard also enables communications among team members and faculty through interactive exercises, discussion boards, file posting areas, chat rooms and email.

We continuously improve our online resources, infrastructure and materials to ensure that you receive the very best from the MS-SCM’s ‘high-touch, high-tech’ experience.