Internship Opportunities

Internships provide authentic work experience and help MSRE students determine the pros and cons of various fields in real estate. They can also lead to full-time job opportunities after graduation, provide valuable professional references and help build contacts in the field.

The Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate staff is committed to help you succeed in your internship and will prepare you for internships by reviewing your resume, discussing various real estate careers and providing interviewing tips prior to the application process.

Through its extensive network in the San Diego region, the Burnham-Moores Center typically has a variety of internships available for graduate students. Hours worked and compensation are generally negotiable. 

MSRE students are strongly urged to take advantage of the Center’s internship opportunities as early as possible during the academic year. For more information on internships, contact Jackie Greulich, student and career services manager, at (619) 260-7619 or