Objectives & Outcomes

Real estate is a multi-disciplinary field, and the MSRE degree program focuses on providing students with a solid foundation comprised of the many different disciplines and components that make up the dynamic real estate profession. 

Discussion of the political and social implications of real estate decisions, as well as their ethical dimensions, is incorporated throughout the curriculum.

Through the use of personalized teaching methods, including a number of real-time, project-based assignments, students gain a full comprehension of and appreciation for the many different facets of the real estate industry. 

Specifically, the MSRE program develops graduates who have:

  • Decision-making skills, including financial and quantitative analysis;
  • Negotiating skills and an understanding of the ethical conduct issues in the real estate profession;
  • Business writing, critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Oral communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Technology-related skills, including spreadsheet modeling and real estate databases; and
  • An awareness of the importance that sustainability plays in the industry's future and the knowledge to implement accordingly.

Our graduates are professional, responsible leaders who are equipped to be successful and to make a difference in the real estate industry.