Time Requirements

Time Requirements for the MSGL Degree

As an MSGL student, you'll have the opportunity to work toward your degree without interruption to your full-time career responsibilities. The 32-unit curriculum is designed to offer the greatest possible flexibility through logical sequencing of specific courses.

Upon entering the program, participants begin with a month of online work in preparation for an intensive one-week session at the University of San Diego campus as well as a 2-day imbedded international experience. 

During the next several months, students regularly complete online assignments and resident students attend monthly Friday and Saturday classroom sessions to continue collaborative learning within their cohort.

Participants then gather for one final week at the University of San Diego, culminating in a capstone exercise and graduation from the program.

Students residing outside the San Diego area who are unable to attend monthly weekend class sessions may complete all course work between the first and last weeks via distance learning.