cara cerutti alumni photo

Cara Cerutti-Holmes, Cohort 48, August 2010

Senior Consultant and Financial Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton
Responsibilities:  Lead financial analyst for the integration and coordination of PEOC4I equipment aboard new construction aircraft carriers; which entails the planning, negotiation, execution and tracking of 43 communication systems across three carriers totaling approximately $350M.
Personal:  "The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." — Michelangelo Buonarroti
"The MSGL program provided me the credentials, the network and more importantly – the confidence, to recognize opportunities within the community and take action. You'd be surprised how many people are looking to support a cause… all they need are trustworthy and passionate leaders."

patrick yau alumni photo

Patrick Yau, Cohort 44, May 2009

Business Analyst for the Strategic Sourcing and Global Logistics Department. (Dole Food Company, World Headquarters).
Responsibilities: - Directly support the VP of Strategic Sourcing and the VP of Global Logistics. Responsible for cost savings projects, supplier negotiations, financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, supplier performance management, commodity hedging and corporate reporting. Gathering and preparing information for corporate earnings calls and financial reports such as the 10-Q and 10-K.
Personal: I continue to dance salsa for fun and serve as a big brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Ventura County. I recently started training Kung Fu and Dole is sponsoring my participation in finance certification at a UCLA Extension.
"The MSGL program gave me a good foundation in project management. These skills became critical in my most recent cost reduction project where I worked as project manager. Skill sets I learned in the MSGL program also aided me in strategic business planning, supplier negotiations and internal change management."

natalie zacharia alumni photo

Natalie Zacharia, Cohort 49, December 2010

Marketing Consultant
Responsibilities: Advising companies in the jewelry, technology, and wireless communication industries on brand development and management, creative direction, and product positioning and differentiation for both B2B and D2C business models. 
Personal: I love traveling, gems, jewelry, reading and writing.
"I graduated from the MSGL program with a broader perspective on how I approach business solutions and greater confidence in the leadership decisions I make. There's so much offered to complement the curriculum - I took a 10-day course in Spain and Morocco, completed the Global Business Strategy certificate program, and attended several of the seminars that are offered regularly - all of which added significantly to my MSGL education and overall experience."

scott maloney alumni photo

Scott Maloney, Cohort 42, August 2008

Naval Officer, Surface Warfare, Chief Engineer
Responsibilities: Ship's highest ranking engineer. Major collateral duty is Senior Watch Officer, responsible for managing the ship's standing watch schedule, and training, mentoring, and sponsoring the wardroom's 36 junior officers - which means knowing the boss' language, understanding his/her vision, and getting everyone else aligned. 
Personal: I enjoy traveling the world, reading Malcolm Gladwell type books, learning Spanish, debating/arguing, and most recently, owning a condominium in Chula Vista - which equates to painting and handyman work.
"When I found the MSGL program, it was like a fresh breath of air - it was just what I had been looking for. Cohort camaraderie was established among students from the very first day of orientation. Every project challenged us by requiring phone meetings, video conferencing, or some other means to meet, whether in person or electronically. I learned to work with others, particularly in identifying my assigned team's strengths and weaknesses. In learning their characteristics and then working with them, I found my own strengths and weaknesses. I left MSGL with a greater understanding of what it takes to earn someone else's trust and commitment."

lane fabby alumni photo

Lane Fabby, Cohort 41, March 2008
Director of Operations, Frew & Associates
Responsibilities: Manage projects, contracts, business development, and administrative services. Additionally, I generate new business avenues, manage existing clientele, as well as oversee budgeting, invoicing, and credit card payments. My work includes conducting educational research, administering assessment tools, facilitating sessions, generating proposals, producing content deliverables, and implementing executive coaching initiatives.
Personal: Being a proud military spouse and mother of three wonderful children. I enjoy building meaningful relationships, traveling the world, ballroom dancing, writing, and living life to the fullest.
"The MSGL program was invaluable because it allowed me to obtain a master’s degree in three curriculum components of personal interest from across the country, while not having to sacrifice being a busy mother, wife, and business professional. Furthermore, it permitted me to add more value to my company because I frequently use project management as well as apply leadership development methodologies and theories in order to provide senior executives and high-potential managers with a globally relevant framework for improving thinking, performance, communication, and decision-making. If you are seeking knowledge to become more successful in the workplace while maintaining a work/life balance, I highly recommend this program."

gianni dimichele alumni photo

Gianni DeMichele, Cohort 40, August 2007

Analyst, MYMIC, LLC; Owner, multiPEACE, LLC; Adjunct Faculty, Thomas Nelson Community College, Freelance Writer (yoga, leadership, healthy living)
Responsibilities: MYMIC: Research and development for the psychological trauma model featured in the simulation game based training system, Combat Incident Response Training System for Combat Medics (CIRTS-CM), for Scene and Patient Management Care. multiPEACE: Research and development for yoga and transpersonal sciences; teach yoga and meditation classes and workshops. Thomas Nelson Community College: Adjunct faculty member teaching yoga in the Engineering, Sciences and Allied Health Division.
Personal: Studying and learning across my lifespan: I am fortunate to connect with many people from many places through the gift of yoga. In pursuit of a PhD in Psychology, I am grateful for the vast and diverse experiences my career has provided along with my education. I love meeting new people, learning from them and witnessing our progression as human beings through new connections. I especially enjoy time with my family and friends.
"The MSGL program provided me with the courage to move forward personally and professionally in my life. MSGL directly influenced my view of the world and my place in it. Ultimately, MSGL set me on my current path of weaving yoga, leadership, and psychology together in an effort to create stronger communities and businesses. The MSGL is just the beginning to forming a strong foundation as a global citizen and promising business person. I recommend this program to anyone looking to expand personally and professionally. The MSGL provides the balance needed to sustain a healthy career while contributing to the global society."

tj mayotte alumni photo

TJ Mayotte, Cohort 41, March 2008

Analyst for Systems Planning and Analysis, working as a Cyber Analyst at the Defense Damage Assessment Management Office.
Responsibilities: After a major defense contractor has a cyber intrusion on its networks, the Damage Assessment Management Office examines the compromised data in order to determine any negative effects on DoD programs or need to adjust acquisition strategy. I use a variety of forensic tools to comb through large amounts of data, looking to determine what DoD programs might be affected in the incident and then informing the relevant military Service.
Personal: Raising an active toddler, blogging and/or writing, skiing
"Since my graduation from MSGL and transition to the civilian (real?) world, I've been amazed at how often I'm able to apply things I learned in the classroom. Coming out of the program, I felt at least "cocktail conversant" in everything from negotiation to international finance. I've been able to successfully navigate a variety of challenging environments thanks to both the ethical and leadership training I gained from the faculty at USD. When I discuss other graduate programs with co-workers, I also come away glad that I found MSGL for everything it did for me, and everything it continues to do."
inna zozulyak alumni photo

Inna Zozulyak, Cohort 47, March 2010
Human Resources Business Partner for Maxlinear, a broadband communications technology company.
Responsibilities: building amazing teams in fast growth high tech environment, developing and executing HR programs and strategies, facilitating team development and managing employee relations.
Personal: my passions are about people and places. I have traveled extensively and always on search for my next adventure. I also enjoy networking, volunteering, reading and Toastmaster's.
"MSGL is what you make it, so my recommendation to new and prospective students is to take advantage of every possible learning opportunity - be it a new book, a networking event or a guest speaker. This is your time to reach and grow. Make the most of it and have fun!"

john boyer alumni photo

John Boyer, Cohort 41, March 2008
General Manager, Afghan Vision Group, Kabul, Afghanistan
Responsibilities:  Managing all aspects of the development, operations, finance, and future growth of AVG. Currently the company includes nine managers from four countries and over 100 local employees involved in textiles, footwear, training services, and distribution.
Personal: I enjoy living out of a suitcase and exploring new places every chance I get, as well as, any active sports I can mix into all the travel.
"MSGL helped me think differently about managing in different situations, about negotiating in different places, and about adapting to diverse personalities and backgrounds. The program was an opener to learning about business and leadership in different parts of the world, and provided the tools and guidance to go out and give it a try."

michelle sullivan alumni photo

Michelle Sullivan, Cohort 48, August 2010
Senior Business Operations Manager, Nike; Director of Business Development and Client Relations, iFactory Inc; Managing Director, Sullivan Global Consulting
Responsibilities: Nike: Operational excellence, business operations improvements, enterprise event planning. iFactory: business/market penetration strategy to expand from European to US & LATM markets; marketing & social media campaigns, client & channel partnership management. Sullivan Global Consulting: organizational transformation, business process improvement, business & market entry & growth strategies focusing on US & LATM markets. 
Personal: Embracing life as an adventure. I've been lucky enough to gain rich growing experiences through living/traveling around the world and working in global teams throughout my career. I love gaining new perspectives, participating in adventure sports, and most of all, quiet times with my husband. 
"The MSGL program set the stage for me to launch my career to the next level. My advice for new students is to take advantage of all your learning opportunities from study abroad, your fellow students, alumni, and the impressive professors who are truly there to help you succeed, even after graduation."

marv serhan alumni photo

Marv Serhan, Cohort 3, March 2002
Energy Enterprise Account Manager, Hewlett Packard
Responsibilities: Managing and leading HP teams to sell the full portfolio of HP products and services in support of the energy and utility industry's transformational Smart Grid.
Personal: I serve in a leadership role as a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, a non-profit international organization. I remain engaged with MSGL as an adjunct professor teaching MSGL-533. In addition, I spend my free time woodworking, reading, writing essays, and public speaking related to my MSGL-inspired publication, "The DNA of Ethical Leadership and the Good Society."
The MSGL program heightened my awareness that we are living in a 21st century hyperculture where an information explosion and snap communications are driving and shaping the very destiny of individuals, organizations and cultures. The program emphasized that the rules have changed and the human cost of speed requires a revitalized and well-informed brand of leadership to contend with these global challenges. The MSGL program gave us some powerful tools to counter the hyperculture, to not accept the status quo, and not acquiesce to circumstances that diminish the significance of our values, character or culture, yet respect other cultures, earn their trust, and achieve mutually beneficial results in the process. MSGL is the right program, at the right time, for the right audience, and for the right reasons."

brina long alumni photo

Brina Long, Cohort 46, December 2009
Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton 
Responsibilities: Conduct analysis of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Command's supply chain processes and recommend improvements to various logistics programs. Assist in the development of material management strategies and the development of NSW-wide policies and procedures. I am also the Financial Manager for over $30M in funding for various tasks at Navy Medicine West, Surface Forces Pacific and Naval Special Warfare Commands. 
Personal: I spend my free time with my husband and dog. We enjoy staying active - volleyball, swimming, skiing, traveling, wine tasting and spending time with family and friends.  "The MS in Global Leadership program provided me with the leadership, international business and project management skills that I was searching for in a graduate program. With the foundation that MSGL has provided, I feel more confident and better equipped to handle any challenges or opportunities that may come my way. I learned so much, not only from the professors, but also from my cohort-mates, near and far. It was a fast 16 months, but something that I'll recommend to others over and over."

sherman gillumns alumni photo

Sherman Gillums, Cohort 46, December 2009
Associate Executive Director, Veterans Benefits Department, Paralyzed Veterans of America
Responsibilities:  Management and administration of the Veterans Benefits Department, including personnel assigned to the department, related programs, and services for PVA chapters and members. Program areas include: Field Services. Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and Appellate Services.
Personal:  I am a lifelong learner and advocate for servicemembers who have suffered catastrophic disability due to military service. As a disabled Marine Corps veteran myself, I am committed to helping those who served receive the quality health care they need and VA benefits they've earned by virtue of their service.

"The MSGL program's emphasis on business ethics, principled negotiation, and the cross-cultural dimensions of human interaction provided me with the insight necessary to reflect the leadership intangibles that employers look for in their executive-level hires. Also, the program's team building and project management modules, while most challenging, proved most valuable in terms of their immediate practical application following graduation. I recommend this program to any leader-manager seeking to pursue a proven graduate-level course of study."

lacey sladky alumni photo

Lacey Sladky, Cohort 47, March 2010
Director of Marketing; Management Consultant

Responsibilities:  Marketing: Lead all marketing, advertising, promotional activities and website development. Align efforts to a comprehensive business development plan while analyzing client and consumer needs, developing and implementing marketing plans and projects, monitoring effectiveness and reporting on results. Management: business development for the US branch of a multi-national firm.
Personal:  Enjoy traveling, being out on the water, great food, entertaining, and precious time with with family & friends.
"The MS in Global Leadership program was absolutely the best fit for my interests and professional growth - so much so that I committed to traveling from DC to San Diego to be a part of it! While it was a challenge to complete the program from the East Coast and balance the coursework against a full-time career and a growing family, the end result was worth every bit of effort. In my cohort I found lifelong friends. In the faculty and staff, I found inspired leadership committed to academic growth. And in completing the program, I found an ongoing network of professional support."

greg black alumni photo

Greg Black, Cohort 16, July 2006
Vice President Global Engineering, Control Components
Responsibilities:  Manage global engineering organization across 11 countries providing custom solutions for severe service control valve applications.  The engineering function delivers engineered-to-order products to customers and leads value-engineering and process improvement initiatives for company competitiveness.
Personal:  Proud father or four, proud husband of one, enjoy wilderness adventures, and turned "country" in my 40's.
"The MS in Global Leadership program prepared and launched me forward to a new career in global business following 25 years in the aerospace and defense industry. This unique educational experience provides a business leadership foundation combined with a global perspective.  I’m a walking advertisement for MSGL and remain active in the program as a member of the Advisory Council.">

izyalit sanchez alumni photo

Izyalit Sanchez, Cohort 47, March 2010
JCustomer Operations Specialist, EMN8
Responsibilities:  Manage account relations from the executive to restaurant level by leading, training, and consulting on nationwide operations for the Self-Service Kiosk industry.
Personal: I love to practice yoga, play tennis, travel, and enjoy a fine glass of wine with family and friends.
"The MS in Global Leadership was the program I needed to understand in-depth international business from a professional and personal standpoint. Today, the skills I learned in the program have been a foundation to pursue a career in global operations for the Food Industry."

pete sciabarra alumni photo

Pete Sciabarra, Cohort 8, November 2004
Vice President of Field Operations, Vistage International 
Responsibilities: Responsible for the operations, programs, policies for 375 "Chairs" and 9,000 U.S.-based members. 
Personal: Married, two teenage boys, current Doctoral student at USD's School of Leadership & Education Sciences.
  "I had the pleasure of supporting the very first MSGL cohort when I was Commanding Officer of HC-11 in 1999. I encouraged my Executive Officer to enroll, as well as several of my junior officers. I heard such great reviews of the program, I vowed if I ever had the opportunity that I would try to enroll as well. Luckily, I got that opportunity in 2003-2004. My experience in MSGL encouraged me to continue my education and I was accepted to the Doctoral program at SOLES commencing in 2005."

chrisallea byun alumni photo

Cristallea Byun, Cohort 43, December 2008
Manager, Business Planning and Analysis, Southern California Edison
Responsibilities: Develop strategy and business planning processes for Customer Services business unit; manage the development of corporate goals and monitor quarterly performances; oversee college recruitment and rotational program, manage workforce forecasting, and develop communications for executives.
Personal: I love being a mom, love my family's Thanksgiving feast, love being active and playing sports, enjoy movies and reading, and love taking vacations to white, sandy beaches.
"In MSGL I found a culturally intelligent global business program with an emphasis on ethical leadership and project management. It was everything I was looking for in a graduate degree and more. MSGL prepared me to transition from academia to business. I enjoyed it so very much. I can't recommend it enough!"

jim collins alumni photo

Jim Collins, Cohort 2, May 2001
Marine Corps Business Development Lead, Booz Allen Hamilton, San Diego 
Responsibilities: Lead a cadre of analysts, advisors, and mentors who provide process improvement consulting services to Naval Aviation leadership. Lead the Firm's business development efforts in the Marine Corps market west of the Mississippi. 
Personal: I remain engaged with MSGL as an adjunct professor teaching the capstone course - MSGL 509. I'm a volunteer member of several Boards of Directors who administer educational support to deserving students. My primary interest is my family and I can be talked into an occasional golf game, hiking, fly fishing and maintaining our cabin in Wyoming. 
"MSGL originally provided a 'transition' step when I retired from the Marine Corps. The experience offered, and continues to offer, valuable insights into the practice and impact of personal leadership in the marketplace and community. I should add that maintaining contact with each cohort through teaching - as well as the USD/MSGL network via mentoring - has made the entire MSGL experience an enduring and rewarding one."

grace lee alumni photos

Grace Lee, Cohort 16, August 2006
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, TTM Technologies
Responsibilities: Lead the human resources function at TTM with 17,000 employees globally. Responsible for the human capital strategy across the company, organizational design and effectiveness, total rewards, performance optimization, employee engagement and relations.
Personal: I believe in taking on life's challenges with courage and passion and in always keeping an optimistic view! I'm a proud wife and mother of two children, and we love to travel as a family. Soccer is huge for us and both kids play for the competitive league for Carlsbad Lightning.
"I truly enjoyed the MSGL program - it gave me a much broader view of the world, a deeper understanding of cultures and practices, in addition to honing my project management skills. It's a wonderful program for anyone who wants to venture into the global marketplace. I am proud to be a member of the USD community and the School of Business Administration!">

yancy lindsey alumni photo

Yancy Lindsey, Cohort 2, May 2001
Commanding Officer, Naval Base Coronado
Responsibilities:  Command of a consortium of 8 Installations operating 3 airfields, 3 port facilities, and over 40,000 acres of Training Ranges supporting 34,000 personnel in 142 tenant commands.
Personal:  Hobbies – golf, sailing, reading
"The MSGL program provided significant insight into areas with which most military officers are not familiar; namely, business, economics, and finance. Also, as the first cohort to experiment with distance learning, I had the opportunity to exercise this relatively new education delivery method during team assignments when two of my classmates deployed for six months in the middle of the program.  All in all, MSGL was a great experience, at a top notch institution, with quality faculty and students."

noelle murphy alumni photo

Noelle Murphy, Cohort 47, March 2010
Prospective Department Head on a forward deployed Navy Cruiser, currently in training 
Responsibilities: Leader of 60 officers and enlisted sailors onboard ship. Aside from leadership of the department, my duties will include watch as a Tactical Action Officer, responsible for the weapons, sensors and propulsion of the ship. 
Personal: Life is all about grabbing opportunities as they are put in front of you. The last few years have introduced me to many new people and places, and I feel very fortunate. I love to travel and enjoy outrigger canoe paddling. My next assignment brings me to Hawaii, where I can do both!
"MSGL was exactly the program I was looking for - a business leadership program that could best prepare me for my transition from the Navy into the "real world." The curriculum was valuable, with a focus on project management, leadership, and global studies. The numerous opportunities to take classes overseas and the superb and inspiring faculty/staff at USD were above and beyond my expectations. There are so many opportunities to learn and excel through this program- it's just a matter of taking advantage of them."

robert hawthorne alumni photo

Robert Hawthorne, Cohort 49, December 2010
Prospective Commanding Officer, US Navy Helicopter Squadron 

Responsibilities: Command a squadron of nine helicopters and over 250 personnel in a carrier air wing forward deployed in the Asia-Pacific. 
Personal: I spend my free time with my wife and two young children. I also enjoy fitness, cycling, snow skiing, playing the guitar, and photography.
"The MS in Global Leadership program provided a breadth and depth of knowledge across a wide spectrum of disciplines, many of which I had very little exposure to as a military officer. This knowledge will give me both the confidence and skills to succeed in and beyond my military career. Additionally, as a distance learner living in Hawaii, the program gave me the opportunity to learn how to establish effective and meaningful working relationships through electronic means. On top of it all, the friendships will last a lifetime."

gilda reeves alumni photo

Gilda Reeves, Cohort 17, December 2006
Program Manager/CANES Risk Manager for SRA International
Responsibilities: Provide risk management support to PWM 160 Assistant Program Manager for CANES. Develop the administrative, program management, and risk management oversight for an ACAT 1 acquisition program. Provide monthly status reports, action tracking, and acquisition risk performance metrics. Oversee monthly Risk Review Boards. 
Personal: Providing networking opportunities to others by serving on the San Diego USNA and the MSGL Alumni Boards, running, spending time with my new son.
The MS in Global Leadership program provided the guidance skills and perspective I needed to successfully transition from the military to corporate life and helped me obtain the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. I recommend the program to anyone looking for a great business degree from a great institution."