Student Leadership Labs

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Leadership Labs develop and reinforce students ability to work and communicate effectively in teams. Labs take place before, during and/or after major student projects (e.g., Consulting Projects, International Practicums, etc.), and provide a forum for teams to learn from each other about how they tend to communicate under times of stress and performance uncertainty. 

Lab topics include utilizing team charters, learning and utilizing the strengths of others, being a credible communicator, motivating and influencing others, giving and receiving performance feedback, and approaching conflict in constructive ways.

leadership labs students in discussion

There are two types of labs to develop student teamwork and leadership skills. 

In formal labs, all members are required to meet at one time to complete a team development assignment, discuss the personal effectiveness of members, and develop plans to improve team dynamics. 

Formal labs are provided for MBA and EMBA students at the beginning of the program in GSBA 501 and GSBA 515, in the middle of the program in GSBA 516, and in the consulting practicums at the end of the program. Fellows observe, facilitate, and provide feedback to teams as they plan and work on projects. Fellows also conduct debriefings after projects are completed.

On Call Labs are optional labs initiated by team members or instructors, where teams meet with Leadership Fellows for coaching regarding team and interpersonal problems, or how to deal with special challenges that have developed.