Certificate in Nonprofit Management

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Nonprofit Management Certificate for MBA Students

MBA students may earn a certificate in Nonprofit Management to complement their MBA degree.

1) With the approval of the MBA Administrative Director, MBA students may take as electives a maximum of 6 units of course work from the USD School of Law, USD SOLES or other USD graduate programs to count towards the student’s MBA. As such, 6 units may be taken from the School of Leadership and Education Sciences’ Nonprofit Leadership and Management program. These courses include the following:

  • LEAD 501: Nonprofit Management Fundamentals, 3 units (Fall semesters only) – this course is a pre-requisite for all other nonprofit management courses, so it must be taken first or concurrently with other nonprofit courses
  • 3 additional units of coursework in the nonprofit management program (see web site for course listings)

2)  Although additional units cannot be counted towards the MBA degree, students who complete 3 additional units of coursework in the nonprofit management program will receive a Certificate in Nonprofit Management.  A minimum of 9 credit units is needed to receive the Certificate.

3) MBA students wishing to enter the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program do not need to complete the SOLES application process as acceptance into the MBA program fulfills admittance requirements.

4) At this point in time, enrollment in the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program will be limited to five MBA students annually and will be determined by the MBA Administrative Director.