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December 2012

Fri28EconoMeter Panelists Look Back at 2012
Fri21Celebrating 40 Years
Fri21EconoMeter: Time to Get Back into Stock Market?
Thu13Real Estate Experts Encouraged by Strength Gained by San Diego Housing Market
Fri7Should We Replace $1 Bill With a Coin?

November 2012

Wed28Home Prices Show Solid Year-Over-Year Increase
Fri16Is There One Deduction or Tax Break Congress and the President Should Reduce or Eliminate?
Thu8USD Students Place at CUIBE Case Competition
Tue6Subprime Mortgage Risk Is Still Keeping Economy Down
Tue6Declining Births Guiding Real Estate Development, Investment Worldwide
Mon5Why We Should Focus on Real Estate in Emerging Markets
Sat3EconoMeter: Are We Better off this Election Day?

October 2012

Wed31San Diego County’s Leading Economic Indicators Up In September
Wed31USD's Annual Real Estate Conference to be Staged Nov. 5
Sat27Local Resource Wires Builders to Success
Fri26EconoMeter: China - A Currency Manipulator?
Thu25Distinguished Educator: Jaime Alonso Gomez Earns Best Business Professor Nomination
Thu11Making Business 'Truly Efficient and Truly Humane': The Case of Grupo Bimbo
Fri12EconoMeter: Will Gas Spikes Hit Local Economy?
Thu11Fed Programs Will Stop Further Decay, but Unlikely to Cause Full Recovery
Wed10Economy Improving, but with Less Bounce than Previous Recessions
Fri5Paul Rice: Fair Trade U.S.A. Founder Shares Passion for Social Innovation
Fri5EconoMeter Panel Debates the Debate

September 2012

Fri28EconoMeter: Is Consumer Confidence a Good Economic Indicator?
Wed26China’s Investments in U.S. Benefit Both Countries
Fri14EconoMeter Faceoff: Fed's Actions Enough?
Thu13Higher Interest Rates Ahead for Commercial Developers
Thu13CT Realty President Expresses Confidence About Otay Mesa Vacancies
Mon10San Diego Firm Buys Fannie Bulk Foreclosures
Fri7Are We Better Off? EconoMeter Panel Knows

August 2012

Fri31EconoMeter: Will Workers Get Raises Next Year?
Thu30Leading Indicators Provide Sunny Economic Outlook
Fri24EconoMeter asks Obama, Romney About the Economy
Mon20Outlet Opens in Africa
Sun19Are Investors Taking Over Your Neighborhood?
Fri17EconoMeter Takes Pulse of VP Choice Ryan's Budget
Fri10Econometer: Will the Olympics Return London's Investment?
Sun5FHFA’s Loan-Balance Ruling More About Politics than Policy
Thu2New Mobile Food Truck Serves San Diego's Homeless Downtown
Thu2Building Permit Activity Gives USD Index a Boost
Wed1Report: SD Economy Shows Slow Growth in June
Wed1San Diego Economic Outlook Positive

July 2012

Mon30Affordable Food Truck Feeds Homeless
Thu26EconoMeter: Boot Greece Out of the Eurozone
Tue24Food Truck Rolls Out New Approach to Help Homeless
Mon23Green Still Pays
Fri20EconoMeter: Save Defense Jobs, Damn the Deficit?
Fri13EconoMeterists take pulse of economy at midyear
Thu12The power of personal communication
Mon9Trustee Deeds Down in SD, Notices of Default up Slightly
Thu5Calif. Mortgage Overhaul May Raise Preemption Challenges

June 2012

Fri29Will AZ Immigrant Ruling Give SD Economic Boost?
Fri22EconoMeter Weighs Greek Impact on U.S.
Sun17Column: Favorable Homebuying Shift Will Take Time
Fri15EconoMeter: Can Americans Recoup Drop in Net Worth?
Mon11Housing Rebound?
Fri8EconoMeter: Will Pension Vote Result in 'Brain Drain?'
Fri8A Winning Formula for Leadership
Wed6Rent to Value Ratio: The Economics of Rental Property
Fri1EconoMeter Panel Looks for Safe, Lucrative Investments
Fri1USD Economic Index Shows Gains

May 2012

Thu31Chargers Should Get Stadium, but no Olympics for SD, Ueberroth Says
Thu31Live: Peter Ueberroth Speaking at USD
Thu31Ueberroth: Change is Good for San Diego, US
Sat26Economists: FHA Aid to High-Priced Homes Should Drop
Fri25EconoMeter: Will There Be a Run on Greek Banks?
Fri18EconoMeter: Panel Looks for Magic Budget Bullet
Tue15Social Change, Not Profit, Is Winning Innovator's Aim
Fri11EconoMeter: Is income inequality a threat to America's prosperity?
Tue8Guest Column: Why the Homeowner Bill of Rights is "Consumer Protection Run Amok"
Tue8SDUSD is Getting into Real Estate Development
Fri4EconoMeter: Are Unpaid Internships Worth It?
Thu3American Property: The Great Realtor Rip-Off

April 2012

Fri27EconoMeter: Should We Cap Interest Rates on Student Loans?
Sat21India Should Not Replicate Sustainability Norms of US
Fri20EconoMeter: Tax Refund - Spend or Save?
Fri13EconoMeter: What Letter Grade did Experts Give Economy?
Fri6EconoMeter: Does the Lottery Have any Economic Benefit?

March 2012

Fri30EconoMeter: If Supreme Court Rejects Obama Care Does it Matter to Economy?
Wed28Greening the Workplace
Tue27Missing Data to Delay Local Economic Report
Fri23EconoMeter: Is GOP's Budget Plan the Answer?
Fri16Their secret indicator? EconoMeter panelists reveal theirs
Thu8EconoMeter: Is Dow a Good Indicator of US Economy?
Tue6U.S. Bank's Richard Davis at USD's Real Estate Conference
Mon5Awarding Seed Money To Bring Student Social Ventures To Life
Mon5Conference Experts: Real Estate Recovery Far From Complete
Fri2Economy at 'Half-Time,' Banker Tells Realty Heads
Fri2EconoMeter: As Gas Prices Go Up, Will Economy Go Down?

February 2012

Tue28San Diego Outlook Points Upward
Sat18What the Bill Would Do
Fri10Deal Sends $1.5 Billion to S.D.
Thu9Some Doubtful of U.S. Mortgage Deal with Banks
Thu9Big Banks Near Pact To Settle Alleged Abuses
Thu9Viewpoints: What's Good/Not so Good About Mortgage Deal?
Mon6SD Foreclosure Activity Declines in January
Sat4EconoMeter: How Much Should the Wealthy be Taxed?
Wed1Two-Month Rise in Local Indicators Signals Economic Growth in 2012

January 2012

Tue31Expert: County To Add 20K-25K Jobs In 2012
Tue31Outlook for S.D. Economy Stays Positive for 2012
Fri27EconoMeter: Economics of Stadium 'Vision' Proposal
Sat21EconoMeter: Do S&P Downgrades in Europe Matter?
Thu19Mayoral Candidates Field Questions on Real Estate, Land Use
Wed18Mayor Candidates: Reform Building Permit Process
Sat14EconoMeter: Should Schools Invest in Teachers or Tablets?
Thu12USD Student Awarded $10K Scholarship
Wed11Revisit What Fannie CEO Said in SD Last Year
Sat7EconoMeter: Will Home Prices Rise in 2012?