​Supply Chain Management Employer Benefits

​Why it pays to sponsor your team.

From retaining talented supply chain professionals to potentially saving thousands in operations costs, here's how sponsoring your employees is a mutually beneficial relationship.

The benefits of sponsoring your team.

  1. Retain and develop talent through professional development.
    With increasing pressures on recruitment and retention, the MSSCM provides a leading-edge opportunity to build your organizational talent, develop the leaders of tomorrow and increase your attractiveness as an employer—without taking away from your employees' work schedule.
  2. Address your organization's strategic needs.
    The integrative project in the MSSCM—where students tackle a supply chain management problem in their own organization that could yield $50,000 in savings or more—is the perfect mechanism for you to put your best team onto a pressing organizational supply problem.
  3. Gain access to leading knowledge and thought leaders.
    Our highly experienced supply chain management faculty experts provide a valuable resource for you to develop your organizational capabilities and build your understanding of world-class supply chain management. As thought leaders, our faculty offers current thinking and expertise in the supply chain field.
  4. Develop a learning organization.
    There's no better way to build your organizational capabilities than to generate a culture of constant improvement and innovation. The MSSCM cultivates an open, exciting and creative environment for all of your supply chain professionals.
  5. ROI from the integrative project.
    Many organizations receive a positive financial return on their tuition investment. Student sponsors have seen millions of dollars in benefits through the project deliverables and have developed world-class professionals with a commitment to delivering tangible improvements.

Have questions about sponsoring an employee on your team? Please contact us.

Success Stories

Many of our students bring more value to their organizations than the cost of the program. (We like that kind of ROI.)

  Project 1:
Organization Change–Online Travel
Project 2:
Vendor Managed Inventory
Project Description: Online travel reservation not well used Highly compensated research personnel were ordering and managing inventory on lab reagents.
Major Objective: Increase usage from 10-15 percent and continue to reduce costs Reduce high cost of labor, improve productivity, reduce inventory, lower obsolescence
Specific Results Achieved:
  • Use training and incentives to increase the usage and reduce costs
  • Usage increased to greater than 30 percent
  • Savings documented at over $900,000
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Labor costs reduced: $740,000
  • Inventory Space Reduction: $757,000
  • Inventory Reduction: $98,000
Next Steps/ROI:
  • Increase usage with an additional cost savings in excess of $1 million
  • Expand to more locations
ROI = 1,212 percent