​MBA Leadership Fellows Program

​Make a difference with your peers.

If you have a knack for leading and encouraging your peers, or you'd like to strengthen your existing coaching and mentoring skills, we'd love for you to apply to our Leadership Fellows Program. This honorary elective program brings together a talented group of second-year MBA students to support the leadership and team development of the first-year cohort.

Develop your skills while you help develop others.

As a Fellow, you'll advance your leadership skills in the areas of leading teams and developing others through coaching and mentoring. Top competencies you'll develop include:

  • Team Coaching Skills—including facilitating a group, diagnosing group dynamics, debriefing and coaching without undermining the leader.
  • Individual Coaching Skills—including effective inquiry, asking powerful questions, balancing support and challenge, providing effective feedback, holding others accountable, utilizing, valuing and connecting across differences and power differentials and using oneself in service of another's development.
  • Personal Development Skills—including self-reflection and self-awareness, leveraging strengths, stretching outside one's comfort zone and learning from experiences.
Leadership Labs

Put your consulting skills to work.

Through our Leadership Labs, you'll put on your coaching hat as you walk students through areas like team and interpersonal problems, or how to deal with special challenges that have developed during their group projects.