​Professional MBA Program Curriculum

View our professional MBA curriculum.

Here's our complete list of courses where you'll develop skills in leadership, corporate social responsibility and global business.

Professional MBA program requirements.

A total of 53 units is required for all Professional Part-time MBA students. Of these, 32 are from the core courses and 21 from the electives courses.

I. Responsible Leadership Development

GSBA 501 - Ethical Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Career and Professional Development Course
Leadership Labs

II. Business Function Core

GSBA 502 - Statistics for Managers
GSBA 504 - Marketing for Managers
GSBA 505 - Financial Management and Analysis
GSBA 506 - Operations and the Global Supply Chain
GSBA 509 - The Economic Environment of Business
GSBA 510 - Financial Accounting and Statement Analysis

III. Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Ethics

GSBA 508 - Legal and Social Environment of Global Business
GSBA 514 - Globalization and the Manager
GSBA 517 - Sustainable Business Model Design
Elective in CSR/Sustainability/Ethics area
Two business related community service activities

IV. Integrative Problem Solving

GSBA 500 - Strategic Thinking and Communication
GSBA 503 - Problem Formulation and Decision Analysis
GSBA 590 - Strategic Execution

V. Program Electives

You have a wide variety of elective courses to choose from. If you like, you can select a concentration by focusing electives in a particular area of expertise. Two elective units must be taken in the corporate social responsibility area.

You can take up to six elective units from the School of Law or other relevant USD graduate program.

Some electives and core courses may be taken in the study abroad programs sponsored by the Ahlers Center for International Business. These courses may also be taken at one of our partner universities for a semester study abroad experience.

Choose your specialty.

From finance to new venture management, you can specialize your MBA by concentrating your electives in one of eight relevant business fields.