International MBA Curriculum — IMBA Courses

From San Diego to Madrid and beyond, here are the classes you will take to complete your International MBA. International MBA students can take classes in up to five countries over the span of eleven months. 

International MBA program requirements.

A total of 44 units is required for all International MBA students. Of these, 33 are from the core courses and 11 from the electives courses.

I. International Foundations (USD Madrid Center)

GSBA 500 - Strategy for the Entrepreneurial Manager
GSBA 515 - Leading Multicultural Teams and Organizations
GSBA 519 - International Economy and Business
GSBA 536 - Current Topics in International Management Consulting
GSBA 588 - Global Perspectives and Business Practices in Organizations Part 1

II. International Management Core (USD Campus)

GSBA 502 - Statistics and Analytics for Decision Making 
GSBA 504
- Marketing for Global Managers
GSBA 505 - Financial Management and Analysis
GSBA 506 - Operations and the Global Supply Chain Management
GSBA 510 - Financial Accounting and Statement Analysis

III. International Consulting Project (Asia or Latin America)

GSBA 593 - International Consulting Project 

IV. International Execution (USD Campus)

GSBA 508 - Law, Policy, and Ethics in Global Business
GSBA 517 - Sustainable Business Model Innovation and Design
GSBA 589 - Global Perspectives and Business Practices in Organizations Part 2
GSBA 590 - Agile Strategies

V. Program Electives

You have a variety of courses to choose from for your electives at USD and abroad. You may take up to six of your elective units from the School of Law or other relevant USD graduate program.