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Carl Rebman

Carl Rebman
Associate Professor of Information Systems

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Phone | (619) 260-4135
Office | Alcala West, Coronado 212

    Associate Professor of Information Systems

    • Ph.D. The University of Mississippi, Management Information Systems
    • MBA The University of Mississippi, Management Information Systems
    • B.F.A. The University of Arizona, Graphic Design/Photography
    • B.F.A. The University of Arizona, Media Management/Human Resource Management

    Carl Rebman Jr. is an associate professor of Information Systems and Information Technology at the University of San Diego. He has published over 50 research papers in the areas of speech recognition, electronic group meeting support systems, neural networks, and open source software. Rebman also conducts research in the areas of enterprise resource planning, end user computing self-efficacy, online education, decision support systems, and marketing information systems.  

    Rebman founded the Information Technology Management Institute that provides outreach programs for continuing education students, certificate and training programs for local San Diego IT companies, and research presentations. He is also a member of the San Diego Information Technology Directors group and serves on the editorial board of several journals.

    Rebman also has been active with the Decision Sciences Institute for over 10 years serving on both the national and regional levels. On the national level he served on the Programs and Meetings committee. On the regional level he has been active with Southwest Decision Sciences Institute serving as author, reviewer, discussant, and session chair. Rebman was also a track chair for Western DSI. For the last five years he has served SWDSI as secretary and publications coordinator. As publications coordinator he reduced CD conference publication costs from $1,800 to $188. Most recently he has assisted with updating the SWDSI website.

    While in Mississippi, Rebman revived the Associated Graduate Student Body (AGSB) and renamed it as the Graduate Student Council (GSC), an organization that would soon represent all university graduate students. During his tenure, he increased funding to over $60K, created programs for graduate student research, orientation, furniture exchange, and graduate computer and copy services. The results of these programs led the GSC to receive the National Graduate Student Association of the Year Award from the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students. Rebman later went on to serve as vice president and CIO of the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students.

    Selected Current Research

    Journal Article, Academic Journal

    Rebman, C., Kelly, D., Ogedengbe, F. (2013). A New Model For Measuring Instructional Effectiveness and Student Learning in the Classroom . Issues in Information Systems, 14 (2), 298-305.

    Ogendengbe, F., Ewanlen, D., Rebman, C., Atoe, M. (2012). Achieving Unity in Diversity through Cross Cultural Management of Resources. Journal of US-China Public Administration, 9 (9), 1048-1056.

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