Timothy Kelley, Ph.D.

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Timothy Kelley, Ph.D.

Timothy Kelley, Ph.D.
Professor of Accountancy

Email | tkelley@sandiego.edu
Phone | (619) 260-4846
Office | Olin Hall 212

    Professor of Accountancy

    • Ph.D. University of Houston, Accounting and Organizational Behavior
    • MBA California State University, Long Beach, Accounting and Organizational Behavior
    • B.S. Loyola-Marymount University, Accounting

    Timothy P. Kelley, professor of Accounting, formerly worked in public accounting with the international CPA firm Arthur Andersen & Co. Kelley has been teaching at USD since 1983 and his primary teaching interests are financial and managerial accounting. Most of his research has focused on the impact of time pressures on the work environment of auditors working in public accounting. He has published articles in the following journals: Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Advances in Accounting, Accounting Horizons, The Journal of Applied Business Research, The CPA Journal, and National Public Accountant.

    Selected Current Research

    Journal Article, Academic Journal

    Kelley, T.,Margheim, L. (2012). The Case of ABC Tech and its Variable Interest Entities. Journal of Business Case Studies, Volume (March/April 2012), 151-164.

    Kelley, T.,Hora, J.,Margheim, L. (2010). A Financial Analysis Case of Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble with Emphasis On The Impact of ROE Versus EPS. Journal of Business Case Studies, 6 (3), 21-32.

    Kelley, T.,Hora, J. (2008). "The folly of making EPS comparisons across companies: Do accounting textbooks send the correct message?". Journal of College Teaching & Learning., Volume (Number 2), 53-60.

    Margheim, L.,Hora, J.,Kelley, T. (2008). The Preferred Stock Dilemma of Appllo Technology: The Impact of SFAS #150. Global Perspectives on Accounting Education, 5

    Margheim, L.,Kelley, T.,Pattison, D. (2005). An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Auditor Time Budget Pressure and Time Deadline Pressure. The Journal of Applied Business Research, 21:1

    Kelley, T.,Margheim, L. (2002). The relationships between senior auditor budget participation, job structuring, job consideration and staff auditor time budget pressure. Journal of Applied Business Research, 18 (2), 105-113.

    Kelley, T. (1999). Survey on the differential effects of time deadline pressure versus time budget pressure on auditor behavior. Journal of Applied Business Research, 15 (4), 117-128.

    Dalton, T.,Kelley, T. (1997). A comparison of dysfunctional behaviors by tax accountants and auditors under time budget pressure. Advances in Accounting, 15