David Keszei

Clinical Professor of Information Systems
David Keszei
(619) 260-4881
Office Location
Alcala West, Coronado 233

Selected Publications


David Keszei teaches ITMG-100 and co-teaches MSGL-532, Project Management in the MSGL program. He spent 22 years as a Marine officer and F/A-18 Hornet pilot. Keszei received his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University in 1989 and his MBA from Xavier University in 2004, with three concentrations: management information systems, international business and marketing. Before joining SBA, Keszei developed multiple departments within the Williams College of Business at Xavier University, as well as holding positions within several Fortune 500 companies and senior officer positions within the United States Marine Corps. His areas of expertise and consulting include leadership development, management development, strategy development and execution, information technology management and integration and executive coaching.