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Andrea Godfrey Flynn

Andrea Godfrey Flynn
Associate Professor of Marketing

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Phone | (619) 260-2377
Office | Olin Hall 107

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    Selected Current Research

    Journal Article, Academic Journal

    Flynn, A., Seiders, K., Voss, G. (2012). When is Enough Enough? Balancing on the Fine Line in Multichannel Marketing Communications. GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 4 (2), 8-15.

    Flynn, A., Seiders, K., Voss, G. (2011). Enough is Enough! The Fine Line in Executing Multichannel Relational Communication. Journal of Marketing, 75 (July), 94-109.

    Voss, G., Flynn, A., Seiders, K. (2010). How Complementary and Substitution Effects Alter the Customer Satisfaction-Repurchase Link. Journal of Marketing, 74 (November), 111-127.

    Berry, L., Flynn, A., Seiders, K., Haws, K., Quach, S. Physician Counseling of Overweight Patients About Preventive Health Behaviors. American Journal of Preventive Medicine