Kenneth Bates

Associate Professor of Marketing
Kenneth Bates
(619) 260-2220
Office Location
Olin Hall 238
  • PhD, Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, Marketing
  • BS, Walton College, Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing
Areas of Expertise

Selected Publications

  • The Role of the Accent in Radio Advertisements to Ethnic Audiences: Does Emphasizing Ethnic Stereotypes Affect Spokesperson Credibility and Purchase Intention?, Journal of Advertising Research
  • Battling The Bulge: Menu Board Calorie Legislation And Its Potential Impact On Meal Repurchase Intention, The Journal Of Consumer Marketing
  • Modeling Regret Effects on Consumer Post-Purchase Decisions, European Journal of Marketing
  • Approaching the Summit: Understanding Motivations of Recreational Risky Behavior, The International Journal of Sport and Society
  • Coming to a Restaurant Near You? Potential Consumer Responses to Nutrition Information Disclosure on Menus, Journal of Consumer Research


Prior to joining the School of Business Administration at USD, Kenneth Bates was with the Campbell School of Business at Berry College. He has taught a variety of courses at the undergraduate level including marketing principles, advertising and promotion, consumer behavior, international marketing and a marketing management simulation course. Bates has research interests within both cognitive and social psychology.  Currently, his research examines the impact of nutrition knowledge, consumer motivation and nutritional labeling on consumer evaluations of out of home food consumption. Additionally, his work explores the effect of mortality salience on consumer behavior by studying individual cultural world views. This research demonstrates how consumer interest for products that are perceived to be consistent with cultural values will increase upon exposure to mortality salient stimuli.Bates is a member of both the American Marketing Association and the Association for Consumer Research.