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Gudrun Hoy
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    MSEL Faculty

    Gudrun Hoy has 20 years experience as a leader/manager, including advocacy for multinational companies making the paradigm shift from operating internationally to becoming global client partners. For 25 years she has written, researched, and trained in her area of expertise: Cross Culture. Hoy co-authored, Leadership in a Global Context, and has served on the steering committee for The Ken Blanchard Companies, European Alliance. Fluent in four languages, Hoy lived 30 years abroad before returning to Denmark in 1995. She is currently the director and senior partner of Global Consulting and continues to travel worldwide training for multinational clients. In addition to consulting, she founded and, for 18 years, directed a non-profit school in Marin County, California. She has been an educational director for a multimedia firm for two years with a focus on publication in the area of emotional intelligence. Hoy is a member of ASTD and served as the chairperson for the program selection committee for the international conference 2000-2001. In 2002 she started an ASTD Global Network in Denmark and chairs the chapter.