Helen Eckmann

Masters in Supply Chain Management Faculty
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Office Location

  • E.D.D. University of San Diego, Science of Leadership and Education
  • M.A. Chapman University, Organizational Leadership
  • B.A. University of Phoenix, Management

Selected Publications


Helen Eckmann is an adjunct instructor with the Supply Chain Management Institute at the University of San Diego. Eckmann has worked with the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program since 2002. She designed the leadership curriculum and has been the leadership instructor for nine cohorts of students. Over the past six years, she has instructed more than 1,500 supply chain and MBA students in leadership, marketing, strategic planning, innovation, and ethics. Eckmann has an Ed.D from the University of San Diego and an M.A. from Chapman University. Both degrees are in leadership. Eckmann is the owner of James L. Consulting. In this capacity, she currently works for Fortune 100 companies, including Raytheon Corporation. At Raytheon Corporation, she delivers quarterly the leadership portion of their Material Program Management Program in Dallas, Texas. She is also currently on contract with a highly successful supplier to the grocery industry. She has worked as a consultant in public…