Dennis Zocco, Ph.D.

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Dennis Zocco, Ph.D.

Dennis Zocco, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance

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Office | Olin Hall 214

    Professor of Finance

    • Ph.D. Lehigh University, Finance and Investments
    • M.A. Lehigh University, Business and Economics
    • B.S. Penn State University, Mathematics

    Dennis Zocco is a professor of Finance and served as Director of the Master of Science in Executive Leadership degree program. His prior business experience was as a systems engineer and sales executive with the IBM Corporation and a consultant in the business and financial industries. His research has resulted in published articles in the fields of Finance, Investments, Economics, Negotiation, and Law. He is the author of INVESTOR, an educational software system and textbook in the investment area adopted by over 300 colleges and universities worldwide. Since Dr. Zocco joined USD, he has taught courses in both the undergraduate and graduate programs, including those in Entrepreneurial Finance, Investments, Corporate and International Finance, and International Negotiations and has conducted executive development seminars and courses in those subjects. Dr. Zocco has taught international-based courses in Milan, Oxford, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Casablanca. He has been awarded numerous best professor designations.

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