Simon Croom, Ph.D.

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Simon Croom, Ph.D.

Simon Croom, Ph.D.
Professor of Supply Chain Management

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Phone | (619) 260-2791
Office | Alcala West, Coronado 211

Curriculum Vita

    Professor of Supply Chain Management

    • Ph.D. University of Warwick (UK) in Strategic Management, Innovation &Supply Chain Management
    • M.S. University of Warwick (UK), Management Science and Operational Research
    • B.A. Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry (UK), Honours Degree in Business Studies
    • PgDip Modern Historical & Political Studfies

    Dr Croom is an internationally respected researcher, advisor and teacher in the field of supply chain management and world class performance. He is a leading author of academic research and industry reports, frequently cited in the press and journals around the world. He joined USD faculty in 2005 and was appointed Executive Director of SCMI and Academic Director for the MSSCM, overseeing the growth of Supply Chain Management at USD and the attainment of the first national rankings and recognition for our SCM programs. He was awarded the USD Distinguished University Professor for 2014, having previously been a CIPS Research Fellow and Research Fellow in Australia (Curtin University). He began his career as a buyer for Jaguar Cars in the UK, transitioning into senior supply chain management before starting his own retail businesses. After 10 years he sold his interests, returned to University and completed his PhD in 1996.

    Selected Current Research

    Book, Textbook-New

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    Conference Proceeding

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