Ricardo Leal

Professor of Finance, COPPEAD
Ricardo Leal

(619) 260-4896 (Ahlers)
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Selected Publications

  • Cost of Equity Capital and Additionality of Brazilian Renewable Energy Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism
  • Affinities and agreements among major Brazilian shareholders
  • Cash holdings of Brazilian and US firms: size and industry effects
  • A. B. C. Endogeneity of Brazilian Corporate Governance Quality Determinants
  • Premium listing segments and information based trading in Brazil


Ricardo P. C. Leal was the dean and is a Full Professor at the COPPEAD Graduate Business School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he teaches Investments, International Finance and doctoral level seminars. He has consulted for many institutions on the financial markets of Latin America, including the World Bank, the OECD, Charles Schwab, the UN, and the IADB. His research and consulting interests are in the area of emerging securities markets, the financing of corporations, and corporate governance. His work has been published in prestigious academic journals and he has also organized many books. He is a fellow of the Corporate Governance Academic Network of the Global Corporate Governance Forum. He is a former president of the Business Association of Latin American Studies and of the Brazilian Finance Society. He is also the chief editor of the Brazilian Finance Review…