Carsten Zimmermann, Ph.D.

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Carsten Zimmermann, Ph.D.

Carsten Zimmermann, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management

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Phone | (619) 260-4852
Office | Olin Hall 324

    Associate Professor of Management

    • Ph.D. University of Cambridge
    • M.Phil. University of Cambridge

    Carsten Zimmermann is an Associate Professor, teaching Strategic Management, Management Consulting, and Global Innovation courses. He is interested in questions that relate to the role of resources, ambidextrous practices, and capabilities in strategic management and operations management. Recently, his work has been published at the Journal of Operations Management.

    Building upon his management consulting experience, Carsten has helped to establish and grow dedicated executive education workshops, industry panels, and tailored executive seminars. Over the past years, he has thus been involved in executive education for various organizations in diverse industries and across multiple business functions.

    Recent awards include the 2013-2014 Steber Fellowship as well as several graduate teaching awards.

    Selected Current Research

    Book Review

    Zimmerman, C. (2011). “Telecommunications and Business Strategy. Richard A. Gershon, 2009, Routledge: New York.", Book Review, Telecommunications Policy. Forthcoming.

    Conference Proceeding

    Kortmann, S.,Perols, J.,Zimmerman, C. (2012). Differentiation or Integration: Which Structural Mechanism Supports Which Type of Ambidexterity?. Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society, Prague 2012. Nominated for the

    Kortmann, S.,Perols, J.,Zimmerman, C. (2012). Differentiation or Integration? Combining specific antecedents with organizational ambidexterity. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston 2012

    Zimmerman, C.,Kortmann, S.,Perols, J.,Fitza, M. (2011). Exploring the ‘Dynamics’ of Dynamic Capabilities: The Anteceding Role of Communal Culture. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

    Wetzker, R.,Zimmerman, C.,Bauckhage, C.,Albayrak, S. (2010). I Tag, You Tag: Translating Tags for Advanced User Models. WSDM Conference

    Wunderlich, I.,Horn, M.,Zimmerman, C. (2008). “Can Dynamic Capabilities Explain Idiosyncrasies In Process Innovation? Comparative Case Insights on the Firm Institutional Level”, Strategic Management Society (SMS), Cologne.

    Journal Article, Academic Journal

    Kortmann, S.,Gelhard, C.,Zimmerman, C.,Piller, F. (2014). Linking Strategic Flexibility and Operational Efficiency: The Mediating Role of Ambidextrous Operational Capabilities. Journal of Operations Management

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    Book, Scholarly-New

    Wall, S.,Zimmerman, C.,Klingebiel, R.,Lange, D. (2010). eds. Strategic Reconfigurations: Building Dynamic Capabilities in Rapid-Innovation-Based Industries. Edward Elgar

    Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New

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