Ryan Edwards

student spotlight


MBA, 2014

What factors led you to choose your program at the University of San Diego?

The two biggest factors for me choosing University of San Diego were the ranking and the small cohort size. I wanted to join a program that was highly reputable, but I didn't want to sacrifice the small, intimate classroom feel that is often overlooked in most ranked MBA programs. 

What do you like best about being a student in your program?

What I like most about being a student in USD's MBA program is that I'm not just another number. I have established friendships with everyone in my cohort and, collectively, we have formed a tight knit group of professionals. Through USD sponsored events, I have been able to extend those relationships to members of other cohorts. 

How will your business degree and experiences with USD help you succeed?

Not only has the MBA given me the hard skills to be successful in my career transition, but it has also given me a big boost of confidence.Through all of the challenging assignments I've completed, each one has been a small victory in proving to myself what I'm capable of doing.

What advice do you have for students entering your program?

My advice is to take advantage of the resources in career services. From resume building to interview prep to networking, career services will put you on the right track.

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