Kyle Fitzgerald

kyle fitzgerald alumni feature
Alumni Details:

Name: Kyle Fitzgerald
Program(s) / Degree(s): Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
Grad Year(s): 2004

Employment Info:

Job Title: Account Executive
Company Name: AIG Direct
Industry: Insurance

What motivated you to continue with higher education?
Growing up I knew that I wanted to attend a university in order to pursue my educational and athletic goals. I have always tried to push myself to succeed in every aspect of my life, and furthering my education and playing collegiate football were the two most important goals I focused on coming out of high school. I knew a college education was the single most important accomplishment to ensure my success throughout life.

What factors led you to choose your program at the University of San Diego?
I always knew that I wanted to earn a degree that not only had tremendous value to employers, but also kept me interested and engaged in the classroom. I found that the school of business offered me applicable knowledge for the working world and prepared me to start a career immediately following graduation.

How has your experience with the USD changed your life?
Attending USD changed my life in many ways, the most notable experiences being the relationships and friendships I made during my four years of school. Attending a college with like-minded, high quality individuals allowed me develop lifelong friends and networks that I am proud to be associated with.

What were your first impressions of your program?
My first impressions of the business program at USD were very positive. I was exposed to great courses and incredible professors who were clearly passionate about their work and my education.

What did you like best about being a student in your program?
My favorite part of the business program was the access I had to great professors due to the relatively small class sizes. Being able to speak with accomplished and intelligent professors one-on-one was a great benefit to my educational experience.

How has your business degree from USD helped you succeed?
My business degree from USD has helped me succeed since before I graduated. I was fortunate enough to have a job offer prior to graduating due to the skills and experience I gathered during my four years at USD. Since that first job I have continued to be proud of putting USD on my resume and believe it helps me stand apart from other applicants.

What course or faculty member made the biggest impact on your career development, and how?
Professor Thomas Minnich and the two courses I took with him had the biggest impact on me in college. Professor Minnich's knowledge and experience were evident in his teaching and his marketing and public relations courses were not only fascinating, but prepared me for certain aspects in my different careers and in general.

What key skill did you acquire that has helped you to thrive in your career?
I think the biggest skill that I developed throughout college was my confidence in personal relationship building in a business environment. The knowledge and experience I gained at USD has allowed me to feel comfortable in almost any situation.

What advice do you have for students entering your program?
I would advise students entering into the school of business to take advantage of the incredible resources the have at USD. Speak to your professors, take full advantage of the career center, and always push yourself to be better.

How have you connected with the USD network?
My biggest connection since graduation has been through the USD School of Business Alumni Association and through the Torero Network of former student athletes. I try to stay involved as much as possible with former classmates and colleagues.