Driving Shareholder Value through Supply Chain Integrity
John Lund (The Walt Disney Company)
Supply chain integrity has become a business imperative, encompassing both operational dimensions: quality, productivity, and financial performance; and reputational dimensions: protecting the brand, responding to customer and investor concerns, and complying with the growing burden of regulations. This keynote address will explore The Walt Disney Company's innovative approach to integrating these two dimensions to drive shareholder value.

How Technology is Enabling and Driving Supply Chain Innovation
Competition in supply chains is always increasing, forcing companies and supply chains to search for new technologies and innovations that lead to superior performance.  This panel will discuss new supply chain technologies, potential technology innovations, and key factors influencing the adoption of supply chain technologies in order to achieve superior business performance.


  • Glen Margolis (Steelwedge)
  • Angel Mendez (Cisco Systems)
  • John Urban (GT Nexus, Inc.)
  • Mark Utter (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.)

Moderator: David Pyke (University of San Diego)

Discussion Forums
Share your experiences, express your opinions, ask questions, and learn from your colleagues when you participate in one of these interactive breakout sessions. Facilitated by subject matter experts, each forum will have a limited number of participants who will have the opportunity to actively contribute their insights and experiences on topics of wide interest. Each forum will be offered at least twice to ensure you don't miss out.

  • Managing and Mitigating Global Supply Chain Risk
    We operate in an increasingly uncertain global business environment - with risks spanning the spectrum from supply disruption and increased trade regulations, to rising freight costs and high demand variability. Risk has now become part of the Board agenda, and the most successful companies are those that are able to develop a resilient supply chain to anticipate and manage supply chain risk. This session will commence with a brief discussion of the various types of risk and some of the innovative actions that companies are taking to develop resiliency. The participants will share their experiences and will actively participate in developing innovative constructs to help their companies identify, monitor and manage these risks to mitigate their impact. The discussion will cover the End-to-End Supply Chain, and include the global supply and fulfillment network, supply and manufacturing strategies, and demand: supply planning, partner relationships, and complexity reduction.
    Facilitator: Christopher Gopal, Ph.D., Supply Chain Transformation Leader, TCS
  • Innovative Leadership
    With today’s business demands, executives need to be more innovative than ever to be at the top of their game.  Remaining calm and clear-headed in the face of uncertainty and daily business pressure requires practice and skill. It is not something that comes naturally. Why? Because your brain has a mind of its own and it doesn't always operate in your best interest. In this session, Dr. Elizabeth Fried will show you specific techniques and strategies to keep the clear-thinking, executive part of your brain from being hijacked by your natural inclination to run for cover or go on the attack in high pressure situations. You’ll learn how to stay calm and instill greater confidence in yourself and those you lead when the going gets tough. If you want to be the consummate leader, then you need to understand what is going on in your body and your brain. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to regulate these functions at will and remain calm, so you can make more innovative and effective business decisions for your organization. The session will be a mix of content, activities and discussion, leaving you with “aha” moments to stimulate your thinking and practical tips for immediate application.
    Facilitator: Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D., President, The Learning Engine and My Executive Coach
  • Making Innovation Part of Your Supply Chain Strategy
    Organizations are developing innovations across the supply chain continuum in order to enhance overall supply chain performance. In this session, participants will discuss and share innovative strategies such as: collaborating with business partners, improved technology for global supply chains, creative products and services to gain competitive advantage, increased velocity / reduced order to delivery cycle times, globalization - outsourcing / reshoring / near-sourcing, integrating your supply chain to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and more.
    Facilitator: John Hanson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management, University of San Diego
  • Advanced Sourcing and Procurement Strategies for Any Industry
    In this session, participants will discuss various sourcing and procurement strategies for delivering enhanced business performance and driving bottom-line savings across any industry. Potential topics may include: enhanced supplier relationships, assessment of the supply market, total cost analyses, identification of suitable suppliers, development of a sourcing strategy, negotiation with suppliers, and much more. The goal for this discussion is for participants to come away with some fundamental and innovative "sourcing secrets" that will help them be effective in any industry.
    Facilitator: Maria Thompson, CEO, Agile Sourcing Partners
  • The Ever-Changing Landscape of Sustainability
    In this session, participants will discuss the rising expectations of various stakeholders for organizations to have corporate sustainability or corporate social responsibility programs.  For many larger companies, having such programs in place has almost become a basic requirement for doing business.  Potential topics include: understanding the relevant areas of sustainability for a given organization; the role and expectations of various stakeholders (e.g. consumers, retailers, NGOs, employees); the growing demand for enhanced transparency within the supply chain; balancing cost vs. sustainability; examples of private-public collaboration and partnerships to address sustainability challenges.
    Facilitator: Mike Kraft, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Fisheries Management, Bumble Bee Foods
  • Creating Innovation Utilizing the Toyota Way
    In this session, participants will identify the strategic methodology to develop customized and unique solutions that will result in a breakthrough competitive position. Potential topics may include A3 thinking, root cause analysis, Hoshin Kanri, Kaizen (practical and cultural), and much more. Bring examples that plague your industry, and together we will analyze and develop the potential innovative solutions.
    Facilitator: Dan Mulloy, Senior Consultant, Honsha
  • Innovation Networks: Managing the Challenges, Interactions andConflicts
    Arguably the two most influential works on innovation are related - Schumpeter and then Christensen both promoted the idea of ‘creative destruction’ in their views of how best to manage strategic innovation. Increasingly, we see organizations such as P&G and Siemens reach across their supply chains to build collaborative value networks for their ‘next idea’. In this session, we will focus on the impediments to collaborative innovation and measures to counter those impediments.
    Facilitator: Simon Croom, Ph.D., Professor, Supply Chain Management, University of San Diego