Dave Pyke (USD School of Business Administration)

Joel Sutherland (USD Supply Chain Management Institute)

Session 1: Unleashing Potential in Your Supply Chain
John Springer (Nike Golf)
Completely independent of your industry or size of organization, you have the ability to unleash the potential in your supply chain to add significant value to your firm, shareholders, and team. The speaker will share strategies and tactics deployed across his experiences to unleash this potential - through people, processes, and technology.

Session: Achieving Excellence - What Goes on Behind the Curtain?
Corey Moore (Northrop Grumman)
Managing the supplier network for a broad spectrum of complex defense and security systems requires a highly trained, motivated, and engaged workforce with processes and systems to support them. Competitive cost and unquestionable quality serve as key differentiators in every stage of a product's life-cycle and is expected in every offering. Northrop Grumman has been recognized by the Gartner Group as the #1 Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain two years in a row. How have technology, processes, and, most importantly, people enabled this transformation? How does Northrop Grumman intend to continue to improve?

Session 3: Fleet Safety - The Blending of People, Processes, and Technology
Eric Cohen (Waxie Sanitary Supply)
In the area of fleet safety, how does one change, and then manage, human behavior while driving a vehicle? Each driver has their own personal style, time constraints, and competing interests that divert their focus away from being safe. In looking at three key components to the solution - people, processes, and technology - a comprehensive and integrated approach can be utilized to change behaviors while managing expected outcomes.

Session 4: Enterprise Success Through CPFR
Larry Smith (West Marine)
West Marine set the pace for supply chain planning with suppliers. What are the basic principles that enabled their progress? What technical and process innovations contributed to this transformation? The West Marine team had to commit to forward planning that matched aggregate and detailed plans. They fully adopted sales and operations planning and, in the process, removed internal choke points in their supply chain. On the basis of this work, they adopted the view that they and their suppliers should operate off one collaborative plan. How did they onboard their suppliers and how have they continued to improve results with their collaborating trading partners? 

Session 5: Breakout Sessions - "Ask the Experts"
These sessions will be industry focused. Each session will start with a brief panel presentation to set the stage and then move to an interactive discussion. Attendees will have the opportunity to "Ask the Experts" questions related to their efforts and activities to achieve supply chain excellence through people, processes, and technology in their respective industries or fields. Come prepared to ask questions and learn from the experts.

  • Consulting
    • Jimmy Anklesaria (The Anklesaria Group)
    • Rosemary Coates (Blue Silk Consulting)
    • Leslie Parker (A.T. Kearney)
    • John Hanson (USD) - Moderator
  • Power & Energy
    • Tom Guntrip (Southern California Edison)
    • Sandra Hrna (Sempra/San Diego Gas & Electric)
    • Lynnial Trusty (Bonneville Power Administration)
    • Mitch Diehl (Agile Sourcing Partners) - Moderator
  • Retail & CPG
    • Kevin Nohelty (WD-40 Company)
    • Bill Steyer (Event Network)
    • Chris Veit (Oakley)
    • Simon Croom (USD) - Moderator
  • Technology
    • Rick Blair (Steelwedge)
    • Aleks Gollu (PINC Solutions)
    • Bindiya Vakil (Resilinc)
    • Padman Ramankutty (Intrigo Systems) - Moderator

Session 6: Implementing a Supply Chain Transformation - On-time and On-budget
Kelly Breitenbecher (Petco)
Transforming a nationwide retail supply chain is always a daunting task. Ensuring the transformation is successful, on-time, and on-budget requires a clear strategy and vision, the right enabling technologies, and dedicated personnel with the necessary skill sets. In this presentation, you will learn what Petco is doing to achieve this transformation goal. Specifically, they will share how they are: managing costs to stay within budget; identifying and deploying the appropriate resources; applying the necessary governance; applying project management principles; effectively managing organizational change; providing the necessary training to ensure long-term success; and more.

Session 7: Supply Chain as a Competitive Discriminator
Roger Duke (General Atomics Aeronautical)
What does it take to gain competitive advantage these days? Supply chain management has become an effective way to achieve a competitive advantage and improve organizational performance. In this session, the speaker will share examples regarding how supply chain management may be used as a key discriminator in competitive proposal opportunities in the defense/aerospace industry.

Session 8: Replacing the Wings While the Plane's in Flight
Pat Tiernan (Stone Brewing Co.)
Craft beer is fun, but it's much more than just your neighborhood pub. How does a firm scale from very small to a global business when the wings of the plane need to be changed in-flight in order to scale, yet maintain, its craft ideals? This session will present an overview of Stone Brewing Company's approach to its team members, processes, and technology helping the company soar to new heights.