Alvin Mansour '03 (BBA)

The $1 Billion Man

Alvin Mansour '03 (BBA)When Alvin Mansour was 17 years old, he started as a freshman at USD. At 20, he graduated college, completing his undergraduate degree at a break-neck speed of less than three years. Now, as senior director at Marcus & Millichap—almost veteran status in the industry—he is the $1 billion dollar man, having completed investment transactions valued in excess of $1 billion across the United States.

Impressive, considering Mansour '03 is currently the ripe old age of 25.

After only five years in the industry, Mansour has amassed accolades and honors almost unheard of for someone so new to the industry. In 2006, by his third year on the job, he was already a Top 10 Broker for Marcus & Millichap nationwide. He won the honor in his fourth year as well, and garnered the award for No. 1 multi-tenant broker in the National Retail Group. In 2008, Southern California Real Estate ranked him in its top "30 under 30" real estate professionals, as well as in its top "40 under 40." He currently oversees a staff of 10 at the Mansour Group of Marcus & Millichap, including other senior-level employees. With retail as his specialty, at any one time he manages the sale of between 50 and 75 retail properties.

Mansour will tell you achieving such success isn't as easy as he makes it look. After his first few weeks on the job, he hated it, and even considered quitting. He felt like he was drowning in an industry filled with "sharks," he says. He lacked guidance. He had no mentor. He was struggling.

But he hung in there, focused on working hard and developed thick skin. By the end of his first year on the job, he won Marcus & Millichap's Rookie of the Year award for the entire company, and captured most of the sales records for first-year employees.

Mansour also credits his success to the fact that he lives and breathes his work. He loves it, and tends to find himself restless when not wheeling and dealing.

"Most of my life is work," he says. "But it really doesn't even count as work to me. It's just something where if I am not working, it's almost boring for me. A large portion of my life is the business, but it's also my hobby."

Taking into account Mansour's calculating, workhorse mentality ("I want to build a real estate empire," he says), how he broke into the industry is serendipitous. An undergraduate student studying Business Administration with an emphasis in real estate, Mansour attended the Burnham-Moores Center's Annual Real Estate Career Expo. He had no intention of going to the career fair, but attended because he knew he could get extra credit in class if he went.

At the career fair, Mansour met Kent Williams from Marcus & Millichap. Two interviews later, he was hired. "It all happened because of a career fair that I had no intention of going to," Mansour says laughing.