Global Research Initiatives

The Ahlers Center for International Business is committed to advancing international business knowledge. This is done through the support of USD faculty for their work and collaborations, as well as others in the international business community of scholars. We provide support in the form of research awards, journal sponsorship, research sponsorship, and workshops. For information on the funding available for USD faculty to support internationalization please contact the Director of the Ahlers Center.

International Business Research Awards

The Ahlers Center supports and recognizes the international business research of the full-time faculty at the School of Business Administration through research awards. These awards recognize published papers, books, book chapters and case studies of significant interest that contribute to the academic business community. Please visit these guidelines for applying to see how you might be eligible to receive an international business research award. 

Here are a few of the recent publications by USD faculty who have received support from the Ahlers Center:

Supporting International Research through Journal Sponsorship and Case Development

The Latin American Business Review (LABR) is a refereed journal, published four times a year, that facilitates the exchange of information and new ideas between the academic, business practitioner, public policy maker, and those in the international development community.  The LABR is a joint publication by the School of Business Administration at USD and the Graduate School of Business (COPPEAD) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the Universidad de Chile, and is sponsored, in part, by the Ahlers Center for International Business.

Since 1996, the Ahlers Center for International Business, jointly with EGADE/ITESM (Mexico), has endowed an award for the best teaching case presented at the Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS) annual meeting.

Supporting Collaborative Research through Workshops

The Ahlers Center assists full-time SBA faculty via financial and logistical support to organize and host mini-seminars, workshops or half-day symposiums on topics in international business including such areas of global entrepreneurship, sustainability, poverty alleviation through business solutions, regional trade/business issues, etc. 

Examples include collaboration between the Ahlers Center for International Business and AES Corporation teamed up to sponsor a Utilities at the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) Research Workshop. This workshop explored the challenges of utility services for emerging BOP business models and improved academic research on the BOP.

The Ahlers Center for International Business also sponsored a research project and workshop on "The Trade Regionalism of the US and the EU: Cooperative or Competitive Strategies?" The focus of the research project and workshop was to contrast and compare the regional trade strategies of the European Union and the United States with regards to Asia, Latin American and the Middle East and Africa. The results of the project were published in The International Trade Journal.