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Asia/Middle East Programs

"traveling abroad was deeply fulfilling both as a student and as a person. it provided the opportunity to learn not only classroom skills, but also to apply them to actual business problems. additionally, doing business across cultures provides the opportunity to grow in ways that are just not possible while remaining at home. I recommend this experience to all students, regardless of where they want to work in the future; it is irreplaceable."
-rajesh huntley, mba candidate

Location Course Professor Dates Mandatory Pre-Departure Meeting
Shanghai, China GSBA 593:
International Practicum (3 units)
Dr. Carsten Zimmermann and
Dr. Kenneth Bates
Jan 5 - 14
(arrive 1/4; depart 1/15)
Dec. 13
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
GSBA 593:
International Practicum (3 units)
Dr. Daniel Rivetti and Dr. Michael Lawless Jan 4 - 14
(arrive 1/3; depart 1/15)
Dec. 13
Bangalore, India GSBA 593:
International Practicum (3 units)
Dr. Vivek Sah Jan 4 - 14
(arrive 1/3; depart 1/15)
Dec. 13
Hong Kong, China GSBA 594: Special Topics in Global Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy (2 units) Dr. Simon Croom Jan 16 - 24 (arrive 1/15; depart 1/25) TBA

Thinking about spending your intersession in Asia or the Middle East? Use this page to gather information about courses, program costs, applications, visas and other logistical information. Students may choose to take either 2, 3 or 5 units by traveling to one or two cities in Asia/Middle East during Intersession 2014.

Course Descriptions

GSBA 593: International Practicum (3 units)

Students work in multicultural teams to provide solutions to a business problem or strategic project for a company abroad. The overseas professional project delivers hands-on experience of the markets, economic policies and business practices of the country in which the company operates. The consulting project will require students to apply creativity and analytical tools to complete the project, and communicate the results to clients. Faculty members will serve as supervisors for student teams.

  • Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 4 of the following management core courses (GSBA 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 509, 510, 511, or 516) prior to the practicum and have approval of their adviser.

GSBA 594: special topics in global supply chain and logistics strategy(2 units)

Global supply chains involve collaboration and coordination across cultural and geographical distance. This course will focus on the Hong Kong & Chinese supply market, including site visits and executive briefings at supplier and customer locations.  Students will explore the logistics, transport and international trade issues concerned with shipping goods from China to the US.  Through a case-based approach, students will ‘follow’ a product supply chain and its strategic and operational issues from the US to Hong Kong & China, looking at the total life cycle of the product. The course will emphasize the technical and organizational dimensions of supply chain management, specifically sourcing and outsourcing overseas and managing customer service internationally.   Focus will be on the value network relationships that drive innovation, operation, service and performance across global supply chains.

  • Prerequisite: GSBA 501 or GSBA 515.
  • Course counts toward the Supply Chain concentration and the International Business concentration.

Program Costs

  Practicum in Bangalore Practicum in Dubai Practicum in Shanghai Course in Hong Kong Practicum in Bangalore, Dubai or Shanghai + Course in Hong Kong
Program Fee  $250  $250  $250  $350  $600
Tuition ($950/UNIT)  $2,850  $2,850  $2,850  $1,900  $4,750
Fixed Cost Total  $3,100  $3,100  $3,100  $2,250  $5,350
Accommodation Estimates  $600  $1,200  $594  $950 varies according to practicum location
Visa Fee Estimates $70-$90 N/A $140-$200 $140-$200 varies according to practicum location
Airfare Estimates
From SAN   $1,500

additional flight from Delhi to Bagalore $150
 $1,400  $1,400  $1,200 varies
From LAX  $1,200

additional flight from Delhi to Bagalore $150
$1,200 $1,200 $1,000 varies

Notes about program costs:

  1. TUITION for the Ahlers Center's short-term international programs abroad is reduced from $1,310/unit to $950/unit to allow students to use the extra funds towards airfare, accommodations, and other costs incurred while abroad.
  2. PROGRAM FEE is NON-REFUNDABLE once you apply and are accepted to a program. Students pay a program fee for each program (location) in which you participate. This fee is not a deposit towards tuition, rather a separate payment towards on-site logistical fees such as classroom rentals, speakers, overhead, some group activities, meals, international health insurance and transportation.
  3. AIRFARE is estimated as of August 29, 2013 using Please check current airfare using your departure and return cities for a more accurate estimate.
  4. ACCOMMODATION costs in Asia/Middle East are currently estimates only. Calculations are based on double occupancy (sharing a room) accommodations and the current exchange rate (subject to change). Students wishing to stay in a private, single occupancy room should expect to be billed twice the above quoted rates for the single supplement. Students are not required to stay at the group hotels, although it is highly recommended. Group hotels are as follows:
    1. India: The hotels for this program are still being negotiated. Students will spend two nights in Delhi followed by ten nights in Bangalore. Estimates for housing run approximately $50USD/night per student for a double occupancy (shared) room.
    2. Dubai: The hotel for this program is still being negotiated. Estimates for housing run approximately $100USD/night per student for a double occupancy (shared) room.
    3. Shanghai: Radisson Blu New World Hotel - approximately $54USD/night per student for a double occupancy (shared) room
    4. Hong Kong: Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel - approximately $95/night per student in double occupancy (shared) room


1. Please click on the icon below to watch a brief 90 second video tutorial on the online application process.

Video Icon

2. Once done watching the video, click the apply now button below to begin your application. Note that clicking on the Apply Now button will lead you to a non-Ahlers website which houses online applications. Do not click on links more than once, as this will delay processing; simply wait for each page to load. It is recommended that you use Safari as your browser.

Apply Now Button

The application deadline for Intersession 2014 is Friday, Sept. 27, 2013. To be considered for acceptance, your online application must be complete by this date. Once you apply for a program, you commit to pay the program fee for each location to which you apply. This program fee will be charged to each student's account upon acceptance and is non-refundable unless admission is denied.

You will be notified of acceptance by Friday, October 4, 2013. Once accepted, you must provide your flight itinerary and accommodations requests by October 25, 2013. Further information will be provided to accepted students.

Visa Info

Accepted students should apply immediately for any necessary tourist visas. Students are solely responsible for obtaining their own visas. If you are required to obtain a visa, you may apply directly through the host country's consulate for a tourist visa or contact Allison Howitt for a visa service referral. The information provided below applies to US citizens. If you are not a US citizen, please check the visa requirements here.


China requires US Citizens to have a tourist visa and, after acceptance, students will be provided with more information about obtaining visas. You will make arrangements to apply for your tourist visa directly at the Chinese Consulate or through a visa service agency. The approximate cost for the visa is $140-$200USD.


A valid passport as well as a visa is required for US citizens to enter India. You will make arrangements to apply for your tourist visa through the Indian Embassy's contracted visa processing agency, BLS International. The approximate cost for the visa is $70USD (plus an additional $20 fee if you are not a US citizen who has lived in the United States for less than two years).


United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not require US citizens to obtain a visa prior to arrival pending that they will not stay in UAE for longer than one month. All non-US citizens should check with the UAE Embassy to determine if they will require a visa to enter the country or not.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong does not require US citizens to obtain a visa prior to arrival pending the duration of their trip does not exceed 90 days. Non-US citizens may require an entry visa for Hong Kong and should plan to apply through the Chinese Consulate. Note that ALL program participants will be required to obtain a Chinese tourist visa for this program as there will be company visits held across the border in mainland China. You will make arrangements to apply for your tourist visa directly at the Chinese Consulate or through a visa service agency. The approximate cost for the visa is $140-$200USD.

Additional Questions

For programs in Asia/Middle East please contact:
Allison Howitt
Academic Programs Manager, Ahlers Center for International Business
University of San Diego
Coronado Room 114
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110
tel: +1 (619) 260-4847
fax: +1 (619) 260-4198