Admission to the Semester Exchange Program is open to currently enrolled MBA students in good standing at one of the University of San Diego's partner universities. Participants must be able to pursue instruction in English and be recommended by the exchange program coordinator at their home university. Once nominated by the program coordinator, the exchange students will be required to have a short interview via Skype or telephone with USD's exchange coordinator. This will allow the students to ask questions about life at USD or in San Diego and allow USD's exchange coordinator to assess the students' English speaking abilities.

*Effective Fall 2011: USD will no longer be able to accept MSc students intending to enroll in MBA courses from our partner universities unless the student has two years of full-time, post undergraduate work experience.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants must first be nominated for participation by the exchange coordinator of their home academic institution. Nomination deadlines are as follows:

Summer Session (June-August) by February 1
Fall Semester (September-December) by March 1
Intersession (January) by September 1
Spring Semester (January-May) by October 1

Once nominated, all students will be contacted by the USD Academic Programs Manager for an interview. Upon completing the interview, applicants will be provided with application instructions.

Application for admission must be signed by the Exchange Coordinator from the home university and received at USD by the following deadlines:

Summer Session (June-August) by February 15
Fall Semester (September-December) by March 15
Intersession (January) by September 15
Spring Semester (January-May) by October 15

Your fully completed application packet should consist of the following items:

  • Two page application form, typed out and signed by your home university's exchange coordinator
  • Applicant's one-page resume, in English
  • Photocopy of information page of applicant's passport
  • A recent copy of your graduate school transcript, in English
  • Verification of English proficiency, in the form of a TOEFL score report OR a signed letter from Advisor attesting that the student is able to successfully conduct studies in English at the graduate level
    • Minimum internet-based TOEFL score of 92
    • Minimum computer-based TOEFL score of 237 and paper-based TOEFL score of 580
  • J-1 Student Visa Application, electronically filled in, plus applicable attachments (total 7 pages)
    • Application for DS-2019 Form
    • Health Insurance Promissory Note, or evidence of Health Insurance with repatriation and evacuation coverage, in English
    • Declaration of Finances, in English (proof of funds of at least $1500 per month for your living expenses during your stay in the US). This form must be certified by your bank or agency, but a separate letter from your bank will suffice.

Please complete the application and gather all necessary accompanying documents before submitting to the address below. Documents should be faxed or e-mailed, with originals kept at the home university.

Allison Howitt
Academic Programs Manager
Ph: +1.619.260.4847
Fax: +1.619.260.4198

Visa Information

Exchange students enter the United States on a J-1 visa. This is a specific program for exchange scholars and should not be confused with another type of student visa. After we receive all of your completed application forms (listed above), USD's Office of International Students and Scholars will prepare a "DS 2019 " form for you and send it to your home university Exchange Advisor by Federal Express. You will need to take this form to the U.S. Consulate in your country to obtain your visa. Note: It will take a minimum of 3 weeks from the time we receive your completed application before we will send out a letter of acceptance and immigration materials.

Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance is mandatory for all students participating in the Exchange Program at the University of San Diego. Please read the following information very carefully as there are specific requirements that your insurance policy must cover.

If you need to purchase Health Insurance

USD offers an insurance plan with reasonable premiums and excellent benefits to all students; this health insurance plan is required of all international students unless proof of comparable insurance is provided. The insurance premium is approximately $800.00 per semester. It is not able to be prorated if you are here for only four months. If you do not have sufficient health insurance, you will need to fill out and sign the Health Insurance Promissory Note and send it with your exchange student application.

If you already have Health Insurance

If you know you have sufficient health insurance and want to obtain a waiver of the USD plan, you must obtain a copy of your health insurance policy (written in English) and send it with your exchange student application. This policy must include the following information:

  • Effective date of coverage, including start and end date
  • Maximum dollar coverage for each sickness or injury
  • List of included services
  • List of excluded services
  • Address and telephone number of the insurance company in case of emergency

Your policy will be reviewed by the International Programs Office to determine if it is an acceptable alternative to the USD plan. To be eligible for a waiver, your insurance plan must:

  • Be in effect throughout the entire length of program and be renewable for continuing coverage
  • Have a minimum dollar coverage of $250,000.00 per illness or injury
  • Include:
    • outpatient care (doctor's visit, outpatient surgery, etc.)
    • hospitalization
    • Repatriation, $10,000.00 and Medical Evacuation, $25,000.00

If you cannot supply a copy of your health insurance plan in English, without reviewing and approving your alternate coverage, the International Programs Office cannot issue a waiver and you must pay the USD insurance premium.

Additional Information

You will need to be up to date on your immunization records before coming to USD. Please visit the Student Health Center website to see what immunizations are required by USD. Here you will also find a link to the immunization form that will need to be filled out by your doctor.

Please visit USD's International Center to learn about the many services they offer, as well as Resources Guides and useful links.