International Consulting

Apply Business Concepts Learned at Home to Real World Business Situations Abroad

USD's international business consulting experiences are designed to provide students the opportunity to apply business concepts to real-world, business situations abroad. These experiences will assure that you are prepared to manage effectively the challenges of working in a global business environment.

The international business practicum is a field-based, short-term consulting project for an organization in another country to address a current and significant problem which they have identified. In some cases, project teams consist of University of San Diego students working with graduate business students from a university in another country.

These projects are typically organized in January (between the regular semesters) and locations vary each year. In the last few years, we have had projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (in cooperation with COPPEAD Graduate School of Business); Bangkok, Thailand; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Munich, Germany, Delhi, India (in cooperation with IMT Ghaziabad) and Accra, Ghana.

Selected Examples of Previous International Consulting Projects by Country:



Buenos Aires, Argentina
Organization Industry Project
Arcor Food and Beverage Arcor is the largest candy and confectionery manufacturer in the world. Students developed entry strategies for two Arco products into the US market.
Cepas Argentinas Food and Beverage Identified six tactical and three strategic ways of increasing capacity and designed scenarios to further internationalize Cepas Argentinas' international activity. 
Wal Mart Argentina Retail  Various projects: designing strategies to serve lower income consumers; to drive customers to expand on-line purchases; and to consolidate its organizational culture and reputation as one of the best places to work in the country.  
Banco Galicia Banking Identified current major emission sources and opportunities for savings in the future incorporating various bank branches in sustainability efforts.
Laboratories Hidalgo Healthcare Vaious projects:  assisted company in consolidating their operations by recommending financial and operational systems to improve efficency; developed a growth and expansion strategy; and developed a reformulation strategy of company's human resources processes and practices in recruiting, retaining and development of human talent to support future business growth.
QBE Insurance Insurance Conducted market research and industry analysis and developed a strategy to extend company's reach to new segments.
AAETAV Tourism Various projects: designed a strategy and implementation plan to support Argentina´s intentions to expand Adventure and Ecotourism Travel activities;  implemented a plan to foster, build, protect and sustain the rural culture and heritage of Argentina National resources while developing demand for sustainable rural tourism.
Argentis IT Provided tools to help Argentis' top management creatively think about growing the business in the fashion industry in the US. Designed an entry strategy in this industry segment including the identification of potential risks and proactive behaviors to manage them.
Globant Software Development Various projects to expand their international reach in Asia and the USA through either mergers and acquisitions or greenfield operations.  
Sagrada Familia Foundation Nonprofit  Prepared a business and marketing plan designed to increase company's donor base. The plan also designed steps to improve turnover of materials by increasing volume in current distribution channels as well as identifying new channels. 
Imagen HB Marketing/Branding Developed a global business strategy for the company's growth and differentiation in the brand development for cities and regions across continents.
Lanxess Chemicals  Diagnosed the supply chain management (SCM) process that the company has for order fulfillment and customer satisfaction, designed strategic and operational efficiency and effectiveness improvements and defined a timeline for their implementation.
Bodega Lagarde Food and Beverage Defined strategies to enhance company’s current image in the US, identified new potential markets and designed a business model for its growth strategy abroad.
Hit CoWorking  Real Estate Assisted company in developing a marketing strategy to advertise locations to potential customers and educate consumers on co-working spaces. Developed a tactical plan for the creation of company's mobile site and web platforms.
La Fabrica del Taco Food and Beverage Developed a marketing plan to strengthen company's position in Argentina. Created an entry strategy plan for expansion to the US and other international markets. 


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Organization Industry Project
Camp Mangueira Nonprofit Camp Mangueira is a non-profit social program created in 1989. Their goal is to provide underprivileged youth with the skills and opportunity to enter the labor market. A team of students analyzed ways in which the placement of the graduates can be improved, specifically in the area of marketing and in an effort to attain the financial growth necessary to further develop CAMP's program size. 
Hospital Pro-Cardiaco Healthcare Examined the processes and practices involved in the hospital and determined the strengths and weaknesses of the program. The analysis of the structure provided an understanding as to why there was a low response rate and helped to ascertain practical suggestions to improve the rate.
L’Oreal Cosmetics Identified strategies to increase the sales and brand image of the Kerastase line of products.
Message Informatica IT Provided strategies for the firm to grow its business, such as specialization of a particular technology solution and employing long-term marketing actions, and to benchmark its services against competitors.
Organic Food Store and Restaurant  Food and Beverage Analyzed the financial and marketing feasibility of launching a health food and organic chain of markets modeled after Whole Foods for Brazil.
GlaxoSmotihKline Healthcare Proposed cultural organization changes to improve efficiency in their production line.
INTO Healthcare Designed an action plan to guide INTO through the implementation of their social responsibility projects.  
Triscal Consulting and Technology IT Analyzed the feasibility of offering such services in the US market. Provided a comprehensive overview of the US market potential and identified a variety of untapped markets within South America for Triscal.
Cortex Intelligence IT Designed a channel marketing strategy to help expand the company’s market share.  Identified (a) the most appropriate sales and channel structure, (b) types of partner companies in the channel (c) optimal commissioning model, (d) restrictions for the relationships and (e) types of support for the channel.
Diagnostico da America Healthcare Investigated new ways to improve the quality of relationships with the doctors who send their lab work to Diagnostico. 
Gaffree e Guinle University Hospital (HUGG) Healthcare Various projects: Developed a distance education model that allowed HUGG to train health family groups and healthcare workers in poor communities; designed a new cost effective scheduling system for pharmacists and assistants to balance their workload. 
Golden Cross Healthcare Provided a solution for the healthcare company to have a higher rate of response on their customer's questionnaire, which served as the basis for the company to assess and evaluate quality of service provided.
Mecal Metallurgy and Steel Suggested a strategy to reposition the company in the current marketplace. Investigated the best timing of capital investment projects for the company within the next couple of years.
Petróleo Brasileiro, S.A. (Petrobras) Oil and Gas Designed a preliminary plan for improving both the staffing of the call center and the service provided to customers.
Endesa Energy Created programs to increase collections from customers accessing electricity by informally tapping into the system or not paying their electricity bill
Polimera Biotech Developed a marketing plan, focusing on the medical markets in Brazil, and a financial plan for the company in the next five years.
Enersud Renewable Energy Created a production strategy and marketing plan for company's new wind turbines product line.
Fine Image Technology (FIT) Medical Device Manufacturer Developed a plan to launch the company's product in low-income regions of Brazil, and determined potential product demand among hospitals and clinics. 
Grupo Carmo Hospital Performed a comprehensive analysis of hospital operations and developed a plan to optimize critical care front desk procedures to minimize waiting time, maximize medical staff allocation and improve patient check-in efficiency
Grupo Roque Cookware Manufacturer Produced an actionable internationalization strategy that would enable the company to start selling its products in Angola and meet its goals of diversifying its customer base. 
Saboreata Chocolate Manufacturer Performed a careful review of this boutique chocolate manufacturer facilities, financial state and marketing plan and recommended a plan of action for expansion. 
Andina Brasil Food and Beverage Analyzed the financial viability of technology-based voice picking methods and determined if the current Argentina model could be transferred to the Brazil market. One of the major licensors of Andina Brazil is Coca-Cola.
Orga Systems IT Various projects: Established a system that ensured consistency, fairness, and transparency when assessing employee's individual performance; analyzed the purchasing function activities, their cost reduction areas of opportunity and implementation suggestions. 
World Study International Exchange Service Developed a process and budget control tools covering broad inventory control operations, spanning areas such as purchasing, logistics, planning, forecasting, marketing, and development. 
Empresa Bacana Social Services Developed a strategy to determine if the company's efforts in legalizing informal businesses in the favelas (shanty towns) of Rio has been effective.
Medium-Sized Tech Company Technology Helped develop an innovative strategy to launch a new product.
SECOVI-Rio Real Estate Assisted this government sponsored organization in developing a plan to improve the environmental sustainability of their existing and future commercial housing units. 
Ciabrink Educational Toys Manufacturer  Analyzed the Brazilian toy market and determined opportunities for growth at home as well as in neighboring countries. Identified various Chinese companies that could become potential Ciabrink partners or joint ventures.
In Press Marketing and Communication Developed a new evaluation process that is straightforward and applicable to help employees align their efforts with the company’s goals and increase efficiency.
Shell Brazil Oil and Gas Devised a plan for the creation of "virtual expertise centers in Brazil" to identify areas of expertise available in the Intranet and areas of interest for dissemination within the Shell Brazil Group
Roche Pharmaceutical Identified the real benefits of the new dedicated delivery system, by analyzing customer demand, schedules, costs, and service quality of the present provider, and selecting strategic customers for the implementation of the proposed system.
Pinngo Social Media Marketing Created a marketing strategy to target large corporate customers, which resulted in the company needing to focus more on data collection and outsourcing.
CIN Nuclear Technology Evaluated existing processes and made specific recommendations for improvement in record-keeping, storage of information, and process automation.
CL Women Digital Marketing Evaluated existing processes and made specific recommendations for improvement in record-keeping, storage of information, and process automation.
Halliburton Oil and Gas Located the specific issues that had lowered the company's Great Places to Work (GPTW) rating through five key categories in GPTW surveys.
Way Design Furniture Retailer Mapped customer experience by secret shopping at all of Way Design's furniture store locations throughout Rio and made specific recommendations for enhancing the customer experience. On a second project, performed a complete demographic, geographic and economic evaluation of the Miami, Florida market in order to provide a customer analysis, market analysis and competitor assessment for expansion purposes.
TR Subsea Technology Evaluated the current strengths of the company and found that the proprietary simulation technology developed by the company had significant applications to other industries and recommended a name change to reflect the company's change in strategic direction.
TWIST Press Data Science Investigated several international markets for expansion and provided pros and cons of each place, finding that expansion into the Canadian market should be seriously considered.


Beijing, China
Organization Industry Project
DragonMed Manufacturer Analyzed export markets in the Middle East and Europe and recommended the markets with the most potential. Identified distributors and analyzed the competitive landscape in those markets.
3G Data Services in China Technology Students analyzed best practices of leading global carriers at different stages of 2G/3G deployment and made recommendations for Chinese carriers in providing data service in the 3G era.  
Energy Company Oil and Gas Researched the existing rail and pipelines and the plans of the national and local governments to expand them. Estimated costs for rail transportation and proposed an innovative alternative for efficient handling of the product by rail and truck. 
Shanghai, China
Organization Industry Project
Callaway Golf Company Consumer Goods Retail USD consultants assessed current retail strategy and helped establish a proposal for expanding the demand for, and knowledge of, the sport of golf in China.  
Automotive Supplier Automotive Laid the foundation for a re-organization strategy in Asia and mapped different requirements of the new structure, underlying proceedings as well as the drafting of different structural possibilities.
WD-40 Manufacturer Various projects: conducted a project for segmenting the China market for its individual products; developed a value creation strategy for the company's top 10 customers.
David Laris Creates Food and Beverage Various projects: assessed a possible merger scenario with a large chain in terms of cost, synergy and impact, and developed an implantation plan with best practices; developed a strategy for using social media for great brand awareness.
Perfashion Fashion Developed a strategic plan to prioritize the major initiatives for the company's expansion. Perfashion supplies trimmings to Zara, Mango and Maxmara and others.
Zhongchangjiang Telecommunications Technology (ZCJTT) Telecommunication Developed a strategic marketing plan to introduce company's new technology into the US market.
iPai Online Sales Helped company define and prioritize opportunities in China by performing in depth research and suggesting western entry strategies into eastern markets. Also defined the best communication strategies to build brand awareness and succeed in this market. On another project, developed a negotiations strategy for dealing with consignors by identifying a new key value proposition, as well as recommendations for negotiation tactics. Also helped to streamline work flow in sales, production/auction and administration processes.
Shanghai Foreign Services Consulting Services Analyzed company’s portfolio of services to assist in prioritizing opportunities that will lead to its growth and brand awareness in the short and medium term.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Organization Industry Project
Edify Nonprofit Education Investigated whether a “solar rooftop microloan” would be a viable loan product for their NGO partners, Aspire and Esperanza.  As part of this investigation, the consulting team identified why more small businesses have not acquired solar rooftop.  Students also assisted company in developing a “solar rooftop microloan” product to be marketed in the region. 


Munich, Germany
Organization Industry Project
IFEN Space and Aviation Sciences Developed a market potential analysis and an entry strategy plan to guide company in its expansion efforts to the  USA and China.
Keithley Manufacturer Assisted company in reducing an exhaustive array of tools, redesigning and improving relevant worksheets, redesigning the process steps for more CRM efficiency and working out a kind of reward program for the sales people to cause a better mental understanding, identification and triggering of the whole process. 
BMW Motorrad Automotive Created a marketing tool to help the company develop specific promotional strategies through analyzing customer trends and segments in China for increasing motorcycle customization.
Webasto Automotive Supplier Promoted the sale of luxury sun roofs for car manufacturers in Brazil by focusing on the most effective marketing strategies for car sales and accessories across multiple car segments from luxury on down.


Accra, Ghana
Organization Industry Project
Edify Nonprofit Education Performed a comparative analysis of schools’ business performance in order to provide recommendations regarding how Edify and its local partner Sinapi Abba Trust (SAT) can best invest their financial and human resources to achieve a transformative effect on students and society.


Bangalore, India
Organization Industry Project
EcoWatch India Environmental Services Developed a plan by which EcoWatch could partner with other organizations to expand its reach, effectiveness and viability
United Breweries Food and Beverage Developed a marketing campaign that encompassed the Internet, radio, TV, outdoor and point of purchase outlets so customers would interact with the brand on an on-going basis. 
Sogefi/MNR Manufacturer Explored growth opportunities to strengthen their OEM customer relationships, build a brand identity, and build a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.
Ripples Learning Training and Development Proposed six key strategies that were tailored to improve Ripples Learning’s competitive position.
Dehli, India
Organization Industry Project
Alantik Group Financial Services Helped company determine how to communicate Alankits' Portfolio Management System products to their target markets and analyze what their competitors are doing and how to improve their market penetration through use of social media.
Blue Dart Express Express Package Distribution Project was focused on developing strategies to minimize transportation expenses for the Northern Region hub of Blue Dart
Cox and Kings India Travel and Tourism Estimated the market size of the inbound incentives travel market for India and suggested ways to capture it for Cox and Kings India
NTPC Electric Utility Project emphasized working on the strategic objectives of the company targeted for 2020 in solar energy generation and possible stakeholder identification.
Quatrro Business Services Project emphasized working on the strategic objectives of the company targeted for 2020 in solar energy generation and possible stakeholder identification.


Lima, Peru
Organization Industry Project
Telefónica del Perú S.A. Utilities Developed a logistical support for the "phone stores" to improve customer service.
Luz del Sur S.A Utilities Designed and implemented a customer service evaluation system.
Hotel Sonesta Hotel and Tourism Project to expand global brand awareness with the international tourism sector to generate more customers and revenue
Panificadora Bimbo del Perú S.A.  Food and Beverage Developed a commercial plan to identify new target markets to increase market share.


Singapore, Singapore
Organization Industry Project
Van der Horst Energy Cargo Transportation Service Project looked at how to improve the synergy of the two sister companies to expand their customer base in Singapore, improve profit margins and market outside of Singapore.

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
Organization Industry Project
Century City Property Developments Real Estate Determined complimentary property usages that should be planned.
Cybercellar Food and Beverage Various projects: Investigated the alternatives for international funding and to recommend strategies for securing venture capital funding; Designed a strategy to take their current business model to expand internationally.


Bangkok, Thailand
Organization Industry Project
Mazda City Automotive Reviewed current operations, management structure, and marketing strategy and provide suggestions for increasing revenues from vehicle sales and services.  
RMA Group Renewable Energy Designed market entry strategies to bring solar panel technology to six countries in the West African Coastal Belt and Horn of Africa, which served as RMA's bluepring for expansion.
Global Fleet Sales Automotive Analyzed the global vehicle armoring industry; identified Nigeria and Kenya as the two most opportune new markets for GFS to expand beyond its core customer base; developed a comprehensive marketing plan to reach the target audiences.
RMA Group Automotive Formulated a competitive market entry strategy to help position RMA into Africa, Euroasia and the European market to not only maintain strength and dominance in their current target segments, but also gain footholds into new emerging markets such as India and Russia. 
RMA Group Food Services RMA Group is considering entering the airline and airport catering industry in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Students completed and industry overview of both the airport and airline catering industries and created a market entry strategy along with entry timelines for the company.
RMA Group Infrastructure Analyzed and suggested selected areas in Africa with market potential for selling turnkey containerized hybrid power generation solutions.  


Mbarara, Uganda
Organization Industry Project
Children's Malaria Hospital Nonprofit Healthcare Proposed enterprises that could generate profits to cover the hospital’s operating expenses, while also engaging the community.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE
Organization Industry Project
EMAAR Properties Real Estate Developed a plan for this leading real estate developer in the Gulf region to solve an operational issue they had at one of their marquee properties. 
Qualcomm Semiconductor Developed effective “Sponsored Services” business models to increase data usage in critical Middle Eastern and Asian markets. "Sponsored Services" is the concept that a sponsor subsidizes data services for mobile phone users in return for the opportunity to interact directly with the consumer for marketing purposes. 
Tecom Investments Higher Education Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) is the World’s only Free Zone dedicated to Higher Education, hosting almost 30 universities from all around the world on one joint campus. Students supported company in their planning process of a new shared student recreation center for the more than 15,000 students.