International Consulting

Apply Business Concepts Learned at Home to Real World Business Situations Abroad

USD's international business consulting experiences are designed to provide students the opportunity to apply business concepts to real-world, business situations abroad. These experiences will assure that you are prepared to manage effectively the challenges of working in a global business environment.

The international business practicum is a field-based, short-term consulting project for an organization in another country to address a current and significant problem which they have identified.

In some cases, project teams consist of University of San Diego students working with graduate business students from a university in another country.

These projects are typically organized in January (between the regular semesters) and locations vary each year. In the last few years, we have had projects in Rio de Janairo, Brazil (in cooperation with COPPEAD Graduate School of Business); Bangkok, Thailand; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Munich, Germany, Delhi, India (in cooperation with IMT Ghaziabad) and Accra, Ghana.

Selected Examples of Previous International Consulting Projects:

Organization: Endesa (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Industry: Holding company for electric power providers
Project: Create a program, or programs, to increase collections from customers accessing electricity by informally tapping into the system or not paying their electricity bills

Organization: Callaway Golf (Shanghai, China)
Industry: Retail
Project: Assess current retail strategy and help establish a proposal for expanding the demand for, and knowledge of, the sport of golf in China

Organization: Banco Galicia (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Industry: Banking
Project: Identify current major emission sources and opportunities for savings in the future incorporating various bank branches

Organization: GlaxoSmithKline - GSK (Rio de Janeiro)
Industry: Health Care
Project: Propose cultural organization changes to improve efficiency in their production line

Organization: Wal-Mart Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Industry: Retail
Project: Developed strategies to consolidate its organizational culture and reputation as one of the best places to work in the country

Organization: RM Asia (Bangkok)
Industry: Manufacturing
Project: Design market entry strategies to Africa

Organization: Children's Malaria Hospital (Mbarara)
Industry: Health Care
Project: Propose enterprises that could generate profits to cover the hospital’s operating expenses, while also engaging the community

Organization: EcoWatch (Bangalore)
Industry: Environmental Services
Project: Develop a plan by which EcoWatch could partner with other organizations to expand its reach, effectiveness and viability

Company: Arcor (Buenos Aires)
Industry: Food services
Project: Develop entry strategies for two product lines for entry into the US market

Company: Telfónica del Perú S.A. (Lima)
Industry: Utilities
Project: Logistical support for the "phone stores" to improve customer services

Company: Panificadora Bimbo del Perú S.A. (Lima)
Industry: Food services
Project: Develop a commercial plan to identify new target markets to increase market share

Company: Petrobras Distribuidora (Rio de Janeiro)
Industry: Oil and Gas
Project: To design a preliminary plan for improving both the staffing of the call center and the service provided to customers

Company: Cybercellar (Pty.) Ltd (Cape Town)
Industry: Beverages (wine)
Project: Investigate alternatives for international funding and to recommend strategies for next round of financing

Company: Shell Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Industry: Oil and Gas
Project: Devised a plan for the creation of "virtual expertise centers in Brazil" to identify areas of expertise available in the Intranet and areas of interest for dissemination within the Shell Brazil Group

Company: RenalRio (Rio de Janeiro)
Industry: Medical Equipment
Project: Determine market potential and ways to reach customers for the new product

Company: Century City Property Developments (Cape Town)
Industry: Real Estate
Project: Determine complimentary property usages that should be planned