ABC's of International Trade Workshop

The ABCs of International Trade program is a series of workshops designed especially for business students who have an interest, or emphasis, in international business and trade. Students attend five distinct workshops to earn the certification. These "hands-on" workshops are designed to supplement your academic coursework in international business. The program fee is $130, which includes materials and a light dinner nightly.

International Trade Workshops

The 2014 ABC's of International Trade program schedule will consist of five Thursday evenings during the Spring semester from 6 - 9 p.m. The series will include the following workshops:

Export and Import Operations and Documentation

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of the procedures, terminology, documentation, and regulations for the export and import of goods to/from the United States. In export, you will be introduced to the Bureau of Industry and security, CLL and licensing, denied parties lists, Schedule B classification, and the Automated Export System to support export transactions. In import procedures, participants will review the harmonized tariff schedule and classification process, valuation of merchandise, special import issues, entry procedures, preparation and use of entry documents, penalties and Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT). Presented by Grupo Logistics.

Financing and Payment of International Transactions

This workshop will cover forms of international payment, how to choose the appropriate form and risks associated with each. Letters of credit will be covered in detail. Overview of trade financing options such as forfaiting and factoring will also be addressed as will suggestions for financing international transactions. Presented by Comerica Bank.

NAFTA Business and Market Entry Strategies

This workshop will provide an overview of the NAFTA, it's significance, and opportunities for both trade and investment in the NAFTA region. The presenter will discuss strategies for taking advantage of the NAFTA to remain globally competitive including site analyses, cost modeling and logistical and tariff considerations. In addition, guidelines for rules of origin will be addressed, as will NAFTA documentation. A detailed analysis of different cross border market entry strategies will be provided. Presented by Cross Border Group.

Identifying International Marketing Opportunities and Resources

The U.S. Government provides valuable international marketing resources and helpful tools to support U.S. companies in the export process. In the workshop you will identify government resources to: assess your company's export readiness, identify international marketing opportunities, and prepare your products/services for international sales. Programs to support export financing will also be discussed. Presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Seven Deadly Supply Chain Wastes - Real Lessons Learned

Most resources used in a global supply chain add value - some do not. The resources consumed (such as people, time and equipment) that do not add value add cost and should be eliminated. This is the essence of the Toyota Production System, or Lean. In the workshop you will learn principles and techniques to reduce supply chain wastes, through an interactive and entertaining session. Presented by the Supply Chain Institute at the University of San Diego.

This workshop series is managed by the Ahlers Center for International Business and the Americas Competitiveness Center at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara and will be offered every Spring.

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