Program Highlights

The Certificate in Global Business Strategy (GBS) provides a comprehensive assessment of the global business environment. Seminars integrate both practical techniques and academic research in a manner that will ultimately help you compete more effectively in international commerce.


After successful completion of the Global Business Strategy Certificate Program, the participant will be able to apply knowledge of principles and practices of global business strategy including:

  • understanding the role of strategic thinking/planning and its application on the company positioning for the international marketplace
  • creating sustainable value propositions in terms of customer experiences and business solutions
  • designing new business models and processes that produce differentiated competitive advantage
  • conducting effective negotiations
  • integrating cross-cultural teams
  • managing uncertainty and complexity
  • Incorporating innovation driven initiatives for superior customer response
  • taking into consideration the impact of language, culture, religion and local government regulations on the conduct of international business

Simple Admissions Process

The program is offered on a rolling admissions basis; there are no long applications to fill out or prerequisites to complete. Fill out the registration form, as well as submit your payment. You will receive a confirmation that you are enrolled in the seminar by email within 24 hours.

Straightforward Curriculum

To obtain the Certificate in Global Business Strategy, one must complete a minimum of 48 hours of seminars (with a maximum of 54 hours included in the registration fee). The seminar schedule facilitates completion of each seminar in a few weeks, and the whole program in as little as five months. Seminars may be taken in any order, enabling the participant to comfortably integrate this learning opportunity into his or her busy schedule.

No Commitment

The GBS Certificate Program is not a degree program, which means no long time commitment or high out of pocket costs are required. Moreover, one does not need to enroll in the Certificate Program if there are only a few seminars of interest. A comprehensive offering of approximately twelve seminars per year allows professionals to pick and choose which topics might best benefit their own individual or company needs.

Revered Seminar Leaders

Seminars are taught by seasoned USD professors and industry experts, ensuring that an even blend of proven techniques and real world experiences add value to each seminar. Through group discussions, case studies, guest speakers, simulations and lecture, the participant is exposed to various aspects of pertinent global business issues affecting the marketplace today.

Immediate Knowledge Application

This type of intensive learning model benefits both industry novices as well as seasoned professionals. Using the techniques and models presented during each seminar, participants can instantly apply what was learned during the brief seminar period. The acquired information also helps him or her re-evaluate current business practices to determine whether changes might be needed.