Global Supply Chain Strategy for Increased Efficiency, Effectiveness and Reduced Cost


Companies today are presented with a number of possible supply chain strategies. Walmart focuses on low cost; Nordstrom focuses on high quality and service; Apple focuses on innovation. How can companies decide which strategy is best for them and if their actions are appropriately aligned with their strategy? Are you operating the most appropriate type of supply chain? Are you spending time and money on strategies that aren't providing the maximum benefit? This seminar is designed to help you answer these questions.

You will begin by looking at various product, service and supply chain characteristics and learning a framework for aligning the right strategies for your needs. You'll then learn strategies to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and reduce costs. This seminar will help you understand what type of supply chain you should be targeting – or designing, because putting teams to work on the wrong initiatives can cost you valuable time and money. Moreover, even within your company, several different types of supply chains may be called for; having a complete understanding of a wide range of strategies is critical.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn strategies for managing supply chains - including segmentation, matching supply and demand, and other strategies for achieving competitive advantage.
  • Develop various global sourcing and procurement strategies for delivering enhanced business performance and driving bottom-line savings.
  • Learn how leading organizations acquire, develop, and retain the talent to support their organization’s supply chain needs.
  • Understand how Lean/Six Sigma methodologies are effectively applied to improve overall supply chain performance

Total Seminar Hours: 9


carsten zimmermanJoel Sutherland has over thirty years’ experience as a supply chain executive, working for multi-billion dollar companies in various industries, including automotive, paper, pharmaceutical, food, and third-party logistics (3PL). He has a number of published papers and articles and is a popular speaker at industry meetings and universities around the world. Mr. Sutherland received a number of honors, including the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Distinguished Service Award; Professional Achievement Award from Logistics Management magazine; Top 20 Logistics Executives by CLO magazineand Thought Leader by Supply Chain Quarterly and DC Velocity magazines.