Inside The Magic

Utilizing global learnings to build a great service organization

Inside the Magic

Are you ready to be a leader?

Inside the Magic: Service Leadership Principles

"Leader" is not a title, but a description of a quality found inside an individual. True leadership can drive you and those around you to unbelievable success. Are you ready to be a leader? This unique training event is for all types of leaders, from CEOs to anyone striving to progress both personally and professionally. In it, you will get an inside look at what sets apart Disney® and other global organizations and makes them the very best. You will learn how you can create a sustainable and growing culture that fosters service and leadership excellence and bottom-line results.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll learn at this event:

  • How to direct the "theater" of your global organization
  • Using Personal Service Excellence (PSE)
  • How Employee Boards can be the seed of excellence and transformation
  • Time/life organization principles
  • Using Action Teams to drive moral and process improvement
  • How to find and keep your best talent

Conference led by Scott Lillie: Scott Lillie started as an hourly cast member in the Magic Kingdom and advanced to become a Director of Walt Disney World Resorts® during his 24 years at Disney®. He led the Grand Opening activities for Euro Disney in France and also traveled throughout Europe and Asia, learning from the best. As founder and president of the Creative Leadership Group, LLC, Scott works with client partners from across the country, including representatives of the U.S. Senate, academia, and nationally renowned healthcare organizations. Scott's expertise will help you get a firsthand understanding of how to be your very best.

This event was co-sponsored by the Ahlers Center for International Business and Creative Leadership Group, LLC.