Developing business leaders with a global mindset

The Ahlers Center for International Business is proud to present various conferences to enrich socially responsible international business education for our students, faculty and the business community.

Past Conferences Highlighted:

2014: San Diego Microfinance Summit: Expanding the Horizons of Microfinance

On Tuesday, April 8th, we will be hosting a summit that will bring together leading microfinance practitioners, social entrepreneurs, students and members of the general public looking to explore the expanding horizons of the microfinance industry.  Larry Reed, the Director of the Microfinance Summit Campaign, will be the keynote speaker.  The summit will feature speakers from innovative organizations such as Kiva, GiveDirectly, Edify and Puddle.  Panels and presentations throughout the day will center on discussions about new ways to expand the reach and impact of microfinance by bringing vital financing to under-served markets.  Registration is at:

2013 Leadership for Peace and Prosperity Conference

The entire three day conference, October 3-5, 2013, co-sponsored by the Ahlers Center for International Business and the Center for Peace and Commerce, along with the Institute for Economics and Peace, began with a Friday morning summit with corporate leaders, followed by Friday afternoon and Saturday sessions with academic paper presentations on topics that consider issues related to business and sustainable peace.  Please click here to learn more about this summit.

2012: The Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) has held an annual conference in the United Kingdom (often referred to as the Summer School) for more than two decades. The 2013 North American CSEAR Conference occurred January 3-5, 2013 at the University of San Diego, co-hosted by the School of Business Administration and the Ahlers Center for International Business.

2011: Our fourth Summit on Peace and Prosperity through Trade and Commerce, was held September 16, 2011, brought together current and future business leaders of tomorrow to explore how business can responsibly contribute better the lives of individuals worldwide.

2010: The Ahlers Center co-sponsored Beyond NAFTA: U.S. and Mexico Moving Forward with the Trans-Border Institute of the University of San Diego.