Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mary Long, managing director, Supply Chain Management Institute

Overture: Opening Keynote

Discovering Hidden Profit - Lessons in Lean: Lessons in Leadership: Robert Martichenko, chief executive officer at LeanCor
There is no question that building a culture of continuous improvement is a progressive evolution that takes time, with many hard lessons learned along the way.  In our opening session, Robert will discuss lessons he has learned while building organizational cultures focused on lean thinking and relentless business improvement.  He will share knowledge that will allow today's business leaders to continue down the path to successfully discover hidden profit.

Don't miss this exciting introduction to the day!

Breakout Sessions One, Two & Three (select one for each session)

  • Conducting Supply Chain Communication: Charlie Redden, director of supply chain at Taylor Guitars; Brett Beyers, director online learning services in the University of San Diego School of Business
    Storytelling is an essential part of communication. Learn from the experts how to craft messages to improve understanding.  This session will be a combination of lecture, facilitated discussion, and hands-on experiential learning. It will cover key research highlights relative to communication, provide a business example, and seek other audience examples to work on in real-time.
  • Creating a Lean 6 Sigma Symphony: Dan Campion, vice president of turbomachinery products at Solar Turbines
    How does lean help you when things go wrong or the music hits a sour note?  How does it help you to play more effectively together in global operations?  This session will share the story of building the culture, organization, and strategies on a global scale.
  • Reading the Music in Supply Chain Analytics: Grace Woo, director of supply chain strategy at McCormick & Company; Daniel Lin, assistant professor of operations management in the University of San Diego School of Business
    There has been an explosion in data and analytics in recent years.  This session will explore the current trends and applications of analytics in supply chains.  It will also look at challenges and keys to success in supply chain analytics.
  • Supply Chain Career Beat - A Composed Quartet: Stephanie Garcia, MSEL candidate; Lauren Lukens, director of corporate outreach and graduate career services in the University of San Diego School of Business
    How do the most effective teams plan and implement new systems or processes? Do diverse teams help or hurt the process?  Get ready to rotate through four different perspectives of a supply chain implementation scenario, guided by experienced facilitators.

Finale: Closing Keynote Panel

Innovations in Supply Chain: The Fourth Industrial Revolution - is it already here?
Wondering what is happening with blockchain in supply chain?  What are companies doing with big data and predictive analytics?  What questions would you like discussed?  Be sure to join us for the closing session and ask!

First Chairs:

  • Joe Carlier, senior vice president of global sales at Penske Logistics
  • Michael Forbes, board member at Elite Aerospace Group
  • Rich Piontek, president at eCapital

Conductor: Dave Pyke, professor of operations in the University of San Diego School of Business