Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mary Long, managing director, Supply Chain Management Institute

Opening Keynote Panel: Transformation Change Ups: People, Product and Process

Lee Beard, senior director of transportation and trade at Nike

Sara Greenspan, senior director of human resources with the San Diego Padres

Doug Herman, chief operating officer at BK Brown Enterprises, creators of The Hitting Knob

Join us for this lively session to kick off the day talking people, product and process transformation!

Workshop Sessions One and Two (select one for each session)

  • Forecasting: Supply Chain Moneyball

    In this highly interactive workshop, we will discuss the development of WD-40 Company’s demand forecasting capabilities and explore key concepts and learnings that are critical to forecasting effectively in a make to stock supply chain. Participants will discuss the role of forecasting in the supply chain, hone their understanding of what real demand is, explore examples of demand misinterpretation in the supply chain and conceptualize why these fundamental principles are critical to management. Additional topics include: an overview of the forecasting process, the role of collaboration in forecasting and measuring forecast value add.

    Team Captains: Andrew Maynard, director of strategic supply chain at WD-40 Company, and Ray Hummell, lecturer in supply chain management in the University of San Diego School of Business

  • Transformation Double Play: Aligning Culture and Strategy

    • Is corporate culture the enemy of strategic change?
    • How does organizational behavior impact your change management initiatives? 
    • What can help you to implement strategy more effectively? 

    Learn from collected research in the fields of strategic alignment, performance measurement and organizational learning. Share your own experiences in change management and participate in the testing of a prototype research tool. Be part of research meeting reality as you discuss the results and managerial significance with academic and industry experts.

    Team Captains: Maria Thompson, president and chief executive officer at Agile Sourcing Partners, and John Hanson, chair of operations and associate professor of supply chain management in the University of San Diego School of Business

  • Covering the Bases: Disaster Relief Live Simulation

    • How would you respond to a crisis if your business supplied items desperately needed after a disaster?
    • If you worked for a non-profit, could you ensure disaster survivors received everything they needed?
    • What if you were a government employee charged with managing logistics for emergencies?

    This live simulation uses virtual and live-action role playing to simulate post-disaster supply chains for key commodities.  Using smart-phones or tablets, participants will take on the role of a business, government, or non-profit organizations working in a crisis scenario. The session includes visual performance metrics to allow participants to review system-wide impacts of their actions, and a hot-wash style discussion reveals strategies for addressing the real world gaps reflected in game-play.

    Team Captains: Kathy Fulton, executive director of American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), Felicia Cousar Alexander, regional director of ALAN, and Mark Richards, vice president at Associated Warehouses

  • Case(y) at the Bat

    How do you build a business case for more sustainable practices? This workshop examines food supply chain issues in detail, specifically examining how one conducts a total environmental impact to develop a business case guiding strategic sourcing and operations decisions. USD supply chain students present their analysis and methodology based on projects conducted across the USD food supply chain. The students were all members of either the undergraduate or MBA sustainable global supply chain management course this academic year.

    Team Captain: Simon Croom, professor of supply chain management in the University of San Diego School of Business and USD students

Closing Keynote: Stone Brewing's Triple Play

Pat Tiernan, chief operating officer at Stone Brewing